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Subject: DITA Adoption TC Comment Resolution Log

Per the OASIS TC Process, the following Comment Resolution Log has been
submitted by the Convener of the proposed DITA Adoption TC.

Comments Received:
Kristin Eberlein
Julio Vazquez from Systems Documentation Inc not an OASIS member
Administrivia; Jamie responded. No further action necessary.
Bruce Nevin
Usability issue - not explicitly addressed in Charter;  will this be addressed
by this group?
Rejected: Convenor group didn't feel that this would be an appropriate work item
for this committee.
Jeff Ogden
1.     Wording that acknowledges the need for coordination and commits both TCs
to participating in such coordination activities

The OASIS DITA Adoption Technical Committee members will collaborate to provide
expertise and resources to educate the marketplace on the value of the DITA
OASIS standard. By raising awareness of the benefits offered by DITA, the DITA
Adoption Technical Committee increases expects the demand for, and availability
of, DITA conforming products and services to increase, resulting in a greater
choice of tools and platforms and expanding the DITA an expanded community of
DITA users, suppliers, and consultants.
2.     (Remove) Since DITA adoption is stronger in the US than in the rest of
the world, especially the European Union, the Technical Committee will actively
solicit participation from non-US members and help to facilitate providing
information promoting DITA adoption globally.
Add paragraph with wording amendment to reflect cooperation with DITA TC. 
3.     By advancing the adoption of DITA through OASIS, the DITA Adoption
Technical Committee members will:
•         Actively solicit participation from non-US members and help to
facilitate the provision of information promoting DITA adoption globally
•         Cooperate and coordinate its activities with the existing OASIS DITA
Technical Committee REJECT
•         Join an OASIS DITA Member Section or Joint Committee, if such a Member
Section or Committee is established in the future 
REJECT on advise of OASIS TC Administrator; since no Member Section RoP exists,
the TC cannot be bound to join. If such a Member Section is formed in the
future, the TC may join by approving a request by a 2/3 majority vote.
4.     OASIS DITA Adoption Technical Committee activities may extend to any of
the following activities:  
•         Interface with other TCs to define how DITA can be best integrated
with other standards to address specific scenarios  
[this is covered elsewhere (7th bullet item above) and this wording seems to
overlap with the some of the goals of the existing DITA TC] REJECT
•         Gathering information from end users on a wide variety of DITA related
issues including ease of use issues, use cases, strengths, weaknesses, and areas
for improvement 
REJECT - this should be done by the DITA Technical Committee
5.     The OASIS DITA Adoption Technical Committee will refer suggestions and
requests for changes to and clarification of the DITA Specification to the
existing DITA Technical Committee. 
6.     The OASIS DITA Adoption Technical Committee is seen as an on-going
activity with no specific end date for its activities established in advance. 
7.     The DITA Adoption Technical Committee is closely allied with the DITA
Technical Committee. The DITA TC is responsible for the development,
maintenance, and enhancement of the DITA specification and the language
reference. As such, the DITA TC concentrates on clearly defining and developing
the technical content of the specification. It also supports the work of several
subcommittees that are creating specifications for industry-specific DITA
specializations of the DITA specification. 
8.     The DITA Adoption TC intends to appoint an individual who is an active,
voting member of both TCs to serve as a liaison to the DITA TC, to actively
communicate the work of the Adoption TC, and to request the assistance of the
DITA TC on technical issues concerning the specification. Through the liaison,
the DITA Adoption TC may bring issues to the DITA TC concerning user needs in
improving the specification. The DITA TC may will be encouraged to bring issues
to the DITA Adoption TC concerning the use cases or user scenarios around
proposed changes and enhancements to the specification, as well as suggestions
for other adoption-related work.
9.     The DITA Adoption TC plans to will hold regular meetings at least monthly
meetings unless increased work requires more frequent meetings. Much of the
Adoption TC work is expected to occurs through small working groups, such as the
a working group responsible for updating and monitoring the dita.xml.org website
as an ongoing activity. 
10.  (2)(f) The name of the Member Section with which the TC intends to
affiliate, if any.
None initially.  The DITA Adoption TC will join the DITA Member Section if this
or a similar member section is created within OASIS in the future. 
REJECT (see note above)
11.  (2)(i) Optionally, a proposed working title and acronym for the
specification(s) to be developed by the TC.
To be provided at a later date.
The DITA Adoption Technical Committee is not expected to develop formal OASIS
REJECT; changed to NONE in final charter.

Mary P McRae
Manager of TC Administration, OASIS
email: mary.mcrae@oasis-open.org  
web: www.oasis-open.org
phone: 603.232.9090

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