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Subject: Re: [oasis-charter-discuss] Proposed Charter for OASIS Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) TC

The proposed CMIS TC is building upon a substantial base of trail- 
blazing work accomplished by the convening companies.  Having spent  
some time studying the schema and Web service artifacts that are being  
brought to OASIS,  I would like to encourage the CMIS technical  
committee leadership to devote sufficient attention in the design of  
the TC deliverables to embrace several core SOA architectural  
principles that were not fully evidenced by the first iteration  

*	Simplicity -- design the services and schemas to be easy to  
understand and implement,

*	Extensibility -- incorporate thoughtfully placed extension points,

*	Scalability -- support collections to avoid chatty services and  
implement message exchange patterns that minimize encoding and traffic,

*	Compatibility -- ensure the services can be easily used within as  
many tooling and runtime environments as possible via conformance and  
With regard to compatibility, I trust the CMIS deliverables will  
readily support client and provider implementations based on the OASIS  
SDO, SCA, and BPEL standards, as well as offer full conformance with  
the W3C XML Schema, Namespaces, WSDL, and SOAP/JMS (XMS)  

I fully expect that we will be able to embrace these important  
architectural principles without extending the time frame for the  
first version deliverables.

Gary Gershon
IMERGE Consulting

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