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Subject: Re: [oasis-charter-discuss] Proposed Charter for OASIS ContentManagement Interoperability Services (CMIS) TC

Good points, Bill,

Having worked on v1.0 and much of v2.0 of WSRP 
before it got a bit bogged down prior to 
completing work and achieving approval, I 
heartily concur.

Rex Brooks

At 11:41 PM -0400 9/24/08, William Cox wrote:
>I urge the proposed TC to revisit the importance of Java JSR 170 and 283.
>Speaking for JSR170, the work did a good job of 
>establishing common interfaces to the major 
>content management systems. While the TC will be 
>defining XML specifications and bindings, the 
>hard work of data model and abstract 
>capabilities was done in JSR 170.
>For heterogeneous systems, interoperation is 
>easier if there are common operations and 
>semantics. The TC, in my opinion, would produce 
>a more useful and interoperable specification by 
>modeling JSR 170/283.
>The same approach of taking the same concepts, 
>semantics, and operations and achieving 
>consistency between WS-RemotePortlet and JSR 168 
>was extremely successful, and in fact led to 
>commercial applications (in alpha) for WSRP 
>being available the same week of the completion 
>of the standard.
>There are other examples available -- common 
>semantic underpinnings and common operations 
>lead to effective and early implementations.
>bill cox
>Mary McRae wrote:
>>To OASIS Members:
>>   A draft TC charter has been submitted to establish the OASIS Content
>>Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) Technical Committee (below). In
>>accordance with the OASIS TC Process Policy 
>>section 2.2: 
>>proposed charter is hereby submitted for comment. The comment period shall
>>remain open until 11:45 pm ET on 24 September 2008.
>>   OASIS maintains a mailing list for the purpose of submitting comments on
>>proposed charters. Any OASIS member may post to this list by sending email
>>mailto:oasis-charter-discuss@lists.oasis-open.org. All messages will be
>>publicly archived at: 
>>Members who
>>wish to receive emails must join the group by selecting "join group" on the
>>group home page:
>>Employees of organizational members do not require primary representative
>>approval to subscribe to the oasis-charter-discuss e-mail.
>>   A telephone conference will be held among the Convener, the OASIS TC
>>Administrator, and those proposers who wish to attend within four days of
>>the close of the comment period. The announcement and call-in information
>>will be noted on the OASIS Charter Discuss Group Calendar.
>>   We encourage member comment and ask that you note the name of the proposed
>>TC ([CMIS]) in the subject line of your email message.
>>  ---------------------------------------------------
>>Mary P McRae
>>Director, Technical Committee Administration
>>OASIS: Advancing open standards for the information society
>>email: mary.mcrae@oasis-open.org  web: www.oasis-open.org
>>phone: 1.603.232.9090
>>1A Name of the TC:
>>OASIS Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) Technical
>>1B Statement of Purpose:
>>Historically content management systems were purchased for specific
>>application uses and this led to islands of incompatible systems. The lack
>>of a standard interface to content management systems made it difficult to
>>integrate content from multiple repositories into a single application such
>>as a portal, CRM system, or office desktop. It also made it difficult for
>>ISVs and integrators to build applications that supported multiple content
>>management systems consistently or easily.
>>The purpose of the Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) TC
>>will define a domain model including a data model and abstract capabilities
>>for Content Management (CM) and a set of bindings that can be used by
>>applications to work with one or more Content Management
>>Repositories/systems and that can be implemented by content repositories and
>>enable interoperability across repositories for the set of use cases below.
>>These capabilities and interfaces will not match every existing content
>>management system and may require some level of change to existing products,
>>at least in terms of conforming existing interfaces to those defined here.
>>However, it is an explicit goal that CMIS Domain Model and Bindings will NOT
>>require major product changes or significant data model changes in existing
>>major CM repositories.
>>As such, the CMIS TC should define a domain model and bindings that are
>>designed to be layered on top of existing Content Management systems and
>>their existing programmatic interfaces. This TC should not prescribe how
>>specific features should be implemented within those ECM systems. This TC is
>>intended to define a generic/universal set of capabilities provided by an
>>ECM system and a set of services for working with those capabilities.
>>1C Scope of work:
>>The TC will accept as input Version 0.5 of the CMIS specification as
>>published by EMC, IBM and Microsoft on September 10th, 2008. The
>>specification is located at:
>>* http://community.emc.com/community/labs/cmis *
>>ces.html * http://www.microsoft.com/sharepoint/capabilities/ecm/cmis.mspx
>>Other contributions and changes to the input documents will be accepted for
>>consideration without any prejudice or restrictions and evaluated based on
>>technical merit in so far as they conform to this charter.
>>The initial set of deliverables will be targeted for the following use
>>* Collaborative Content Applications
>>* Portals leveraging Content Management repositories
>>* Mashups
>>The following use cases should be able to be supported by CMIS Domain Model
>>and Bindings, but are not primary drivers:
>>* Workflow and BPM-centric applications utilizing Content
>>* Archival Applications
>>* Compound and Virtual Documents
>>* Electronic and Legal Discovery
>>The following use cases are out of scope for the initial set of
>>* Records Management and Compliance
>>* Digital Asset Management
>>* Web Content Management
>>* Subscription and Notification Services
>>Also, this TC will engage in maintenance of the specifications produced by
>>this TC.
>>The tasks of the TC include:
>>* To articulate the principles of the interoperable content management
>>through formal specifications * To assess the 
>>relationship of CMIS to other related standards 
>>and industry
>>efforts.  These include JCR (JSR-170, JSR-283), WebDAV, and other relevant
>>* To define appropriate specifications for 
>>interoperable content management   o Including 
>>schemas, such as XSD
>>   o Including service definitions, such as WSDL
>>* To standardize the common types of entities and capabilities in CM
>>* To encourage cooperation within and between the various topical domains
>>and groups
>>Once the TC has completed work on a deliverable and it has become an OASIS
>>standard, the TC will enter "maintenance mode" for the deliverable.
>>The purpose of maintenance mode is to provide minor revisions to previously
>>adopted deliverables to clarify ambiguities, inconsistencies and obvious
>>errors. Maintenance mode is not intended to enhance a deliverable or extend
>>its functionality.
>>The TC will collect issues raised against the deliverables and periodically
>>process those issues. Issues that request or require new or enhanced
>>functionality shall be marked as enhancement requests and set aside. Issues
>>that result in the clarification or correction of the deliverables shall be
>>processed. The TC shall maintain a list of these adopted clarifications and
>>shall periodically create a new minor revision of the deliverables including
>>these updates. Periodically, but at least once a year, the TC shall produce
>>and vote upon a new minor revision of the deliverables.
>>After the first set of deliverables, the TC will continue to work on the
>>next versions of the specification.  The next versions can address new or
>>refine existing use cases by extending the domain model as well as defining
>>new bindings as appropriate to support Interoperable Content Management.
>>1D List of Deliverables:
>>The initial set of deliverables and projected 
>>duration: * CMIS Domain model specification 
>>(September 2009)
>>* CMIS SOAP-based Web Services binding specification (September 2009)
>>* CMIS REST/Atom-based Web Services binding specification (September 2009)
>>1E IPR Mode:
>>The IP mode for the TC will be RF on RAND.
>>1F Audience for the TC:
>>The primary audience for the final output of this TC includes ECM and BCS
>>application architects and ECM repository architects and implementers.
>>1G The language in which the TC shall conduct business:
>>2 - Non-normative information
>>2A identification of similar or applicable work that is being done in other
>>OASIS TCs or by other organizations:
>>	WebDAV: Not targeting ECM and does not provide a CM domain model
>>	JCR: Java based specification and does not specify a protocol
>>2B Date, time and place of the first TC 
>>meeting: * 12PM EDT/9AM PDT, 11/10/2008, 
>>conference call hosted by EMC
>>2C On-going meeting schedule:
>>The CMIS TC will meet by telephone every other week at Monday 9AM PST.  The
>>time, date and recurrence of the periodic phone call will be confirmed at
>>the first TC meeting.  The meetings will last no more than two hours.  The
>>CMIS TC will hold face-to-face meetings 3 times a year for three days
>>* 1/19/2009 (Redmond, Washington, hosted by Ethan Gur-esh, Microsoft)
>>2D names, electronic mail addresses, and membership affiliations of at least
>>Minimum Membership Albert Brown, albertcbrown@us.ibm.com, IBM
>>Cornelia Davis, Davis_Cornelia@emc.com, EMC
>>Craig Randall, Randall_Craig@emc.com, EMC
>>Derek Carr, dwcarr@us.ibm.com, IBM
>>David Caruana, david.caruana@alfresco.com, Alfresco
>>David Choy, Choy_David@emc.com, EMC
>>Dustin Friesenhahn, dustinfr@microsoft.com, Microsoft
>>Paul Goetz, paul.goetz@sap.com, SAP
>>Ethan Gur-esh, ethang@microsoft.com, Microsoft
>>Martin Hermes, martin.hermes@sap.com, SAP
>>Jens Hübel, jhuebel@opentext.com, Open Text
>>Ryan McVeigh, ryan.mcveigh@oracle.com, Oracle
>>Gregory Melahn, melahn@us.ibm.com, IBM
>>Pat Miller, patmill@microsoft.com, Microsoft
>>Florian Müller, fmueller@opentext.com, Open Text
>>John Newton, john.newton@alfresco.com, Alfresco
>>Norrie Quinn, quinn_norrie@emc.com, EMC
>>Steve Roth, steve.roth@oracle.com, Oracle
>>2E Convener
>>Al Brown, IBM, albertcbrown@us.ibm.com
>>2G Input Specifications
>>CMIS Part I - Domain Model v0.5
>>CMIS Part II - Web Services Binding v0.5
>>CMIS Part II - REST-Atom Binding v0.5
>>CMIS -- Appendices v0.5 (Available at:
>>* http://community.emc.com/community/labs/cmis  *
>>ces.html  * 
>>2I Proposed Specification Titles
>>Content Management Interoperability Specification, Domain Model
>>Content Management Interoperability Specification, Web Service Binding
>>Content Management Interoperability Specification, REST/Atom Binding
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>William Cox
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Rex Brooks
President, CEO
Starbourne Communications Design
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Berkeley, CA 94702
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