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Subject: CMIS Comment Resolution Log

Below is a listing of the comments received and the responses of the proposer group.


Dennis Hamilton – IPR Mode
Al: Thank you for the feedback. The goal is the widest use possible. However, the proposers have already agreed to RF on RAND and we are unlikely to get the same or larger group with RF on Limited.

Jeff Mischkinsky – Scope
Al: Thank you for the feedback on the IPR issue around future versions. The charter has been updated to resolve this issue.

Kerry Blinco – Search Web Services
Al: Thank you for the awareness of this TC. Search Web Services TC has been added to the charter as a potential interesting related standard. The TC when it first meets will discuss which standards to coordinate with and at which levels.

Comments received after deadline (not required to be considered):
Dennis Hamilton – WebDAV Search
Al: Thank you. The charter has been updated to also include WebDAV search, DASL, explicitly. The TC when it meets will discuss interacting with WebDAV and DASL. The focus of the TC is for providing specification around common Enterprise Content Management (ECM) functionality and thus a searching paradigm designed for that environment. Search also has been added as an explicit use case.

Gary Gershon – overall design
Al: These are great tenets and the TC should give them due thought. This will be referred to the TC for consideration during its work.

Bill Cox – Java JSR 170 and 283
Al: Thank you. JSR 170 and 283 (JCR) is an important standard and the TC has in its charter to interact with JCR. We might potentially combine efforts where that makes sense. I have started the discussion with David Nuescheller from JSR-283 who has been quite helpful. JCR's domain model might not be a good starting place for the services this TC wants to specify. Please see the draft specification. The TC when it first meets will discuss the level of interaction with JCR.

Bill Cox – Acronyms should be spelled out
Al: Thank you.

Rex Brooks – concur with Bill Cox re: Java JSR 170
Al: See above.



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Director, Technical Committee Administration

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