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Subject: Telecom Italia comments on "SOA-TEL" Project Charter - forconsideration

Dear all,
This comment contains some proposals for modification of the SOA-TEL OASIS TMS TC. Items are the following:
  1. Deliverables to be produced within the TC
  2. First TC meeting start date
1) Deliverables to be produced within the TC
In the proposed Charter the deliverables awaited are the following (Section 1.c):
1. Use Cases and Gap Analysis document; July 2009
2. Security, threats and Risk analysis; November 2009
3. Requirements document that addresses the issues that are identified in item 1; November 2009.
While the proposed scope of the TC is listed as the following (Section 1.c)
  1. Analysis, Use Cases Gathering and Gap Document
  2. Develop a requirement document ... to address the Gaps that have been identified in the use case and Gap analysis document ...
  3. Perform an analysis of existing solutions with respect to the Gaps identified in the previous steps ... and create a road map of needed requirements and extensions ...
  4. Security, threats and Risk analysis: *Perform Security Risk analysis and determine needed profiles for best practice. Identify technology Gaps in this area*
The issue is that for a specific “discipline” such as Security there is the statement of development of a focused document with associated risk and threats analysis, while all other “disciplines” such as Performance, SLAs, Testing, etc. this threat/risk analysis seems not to be necessary.
Moreover a specific item of the proposed activity, i.e. item 3 within the scope list in section 1.c, does not have a specific deliverable associated.
Given all this, the proposal is to modify the expected deliverable set of the SOA-TEL OASIS TMS TC into the following one:
  1. Use Cases and Gap Analysis Document; July 2009 – NO CHANGE
  2. Analysis document for addressing identified issues – November 2009
  3. Requirements document that addresses the issues that are identified in item 1 - November 2009.
Note1: Deliverable 2 could then contain “threats and Risk analysis” not only for “Security”, but for all “disciplines” such as Performance, etc. This deliverable would then really constitute a complete “roadmap” for the resolution of all specific issues identified within Deliverable 1.
Note 2: the structure of Deliverable 3 is highly dependant on the number and “dimension” of issues identified in Deliverable 1. For this reason, I propose that the Charter should include a note that states that the TC reserves the right to structure deliverable 3 in a “convenient way” i.e. a unique document, a “family of documents” (one per “dimension”, such as “requirements for Performance”, Requirements for Security”, etc.), depending on the characteristics of identified issues within Deliverable 1.
2) First TC meeting start date
In section (2)(b) it is mentioned that the first TC meeting date would be January 12, 2009, which is a Monday. If possible, could this starting date be moved to January 13 (Tuesday)? Moreover, if the F2F “format” will be finally confirmed, could it be “granted” that the meeting will be structured on at least 2 (or 3) days?
Thank you for the consideration of this proposal
Enrico Ronco
Via Reiss Romoli 274
10148 Torino Italy
tel. +39 011 2288970
mobile +39 335 7669642
email: enrico.ronco@telecomitalia.it



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Thank you


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