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Subject: Re: [oasis-charter-discuss] Comments on charter for SOA for Telecom TC (SOA-TEL)

On Nov 05, 2008, at 12:34 PM, Durand, Jacques R. wrote:

> 1. The TC apparently is not supposed to produce specifications, but
> rather
> "analysis, requirements" documents. Is there any reason for  
> operating in
> RAND terms (unless some future rechartering is expected, that will
> produce actual specs)?

yes. So i'm wondering exactly how it will produce anything but CD's.


> 2. "Develop a requirement document for recommended Web Services (and
> REST) extensions to address the Gaps ..."
> It seems the requirement doc will go as far as "recommending  
> extensions"
> which means actually hinting at solutions, or at least defining the  
> directions of future solutions?
> Could then the nature of these "extensions" be better defined in the  
> charter?
> E.g. are we talking of
> (a) "profiling" or configuring existing SOA stacks for specific TEL  
> use, or
> (b) developing specific WS on top of them, or
> (c) "extending" the functionality of these stacks with native  
> functionality that goes beyond (a) and (b)?
> In other words, I see this as part of defining the scope of  
> activities: what will be the technical
> scope of the solutions implied by the requirements down the road?
> My concern is: the scope of activity and deliverables should more  
> explicitly allow for
> solutions outlines / directions (if not full fledge specifications  
> of these solutions), as I guess at some point when
> "requirements" meet concrete SOA environments (and concrete specs  
> like WSDL, BPEL), the separation
> between "requiremetns" from "solution outlines / options" is blurred.
> 3. Audience for this TC:
> "The output of this work will have direct benefits for the use of the
> Web 2.0 and SOA in Telecom.  "
> Should this be interpreted that only Telecom professionals are invited
> or will benefit? Could there be a line on possible interest from SOA
> middleware providers, as this is about requirements for their  
> products?
> 4. Scope of work: there is 1.a but not 1.b secion. Missing 1.b?

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Director, Oracle Fusion Middleware 				+1(650)506-1975
	and Web Services Standards           			500 Oracle Parkway, M/S 2OP9
Oracle								Redwood Shores, CA 94065

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