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Subject: KMIP TC charter


I have read the KMIP charter (and the proposed protocol). It is my view
that the KMIP charter overlaps with the EKMI charter. It also overlaps
with previous oasis efforts such as XKMS and various IEFT RFCs.

The charter says that KMIP is targeted against anything from smart cards
to enterprise applications. The proposed binary message encoding
strongly suggest that very low powered devices (such as smart cards or
disk drives) was the main focus initially.

What we don't need right now in the key management area is yet another
standard. Not without clear analysis and differentiation where in the
market place and for which use-cases it fits. In the KMIP charter I did
not find such analysis and not either why current efforts can nof
fulfill the needs of the KMIP.

It is my view that the EKMI TC could also enclose the needs of KMIP.

Kind regards,
Tomas Gustavsson
PrimeKey Solutions AB

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