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Subject: Re: [oasis-charter-discuss] RE: [members] Proposed Charter for OASISKey Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP) TC

> The only comment I have is to request that the acronym "TPM" under the scope section be defined.

In a similar vein, I asked for clarification/gloss on 'EKCLM'

The response from one of the TC charter editors:

EKCLM = Enterprise Key and Certificate Lifecycle Management


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On Wed, 25 Feb 2009, Martin Chapman wrote:

> As part of my duty as a TAB member, I was asked to review this charter.
> In my view the charter provides the necessary information required by the OASIS TC Process.
> The only comment I have is to request that the acronym "TPM" under the scope section be defined.
> Cheers,
> Martin.
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>> From: Mary McRae [mailto:marypmcrae@gmail.com] On Behalf Of Mary McRae
>> Sent: 12 February 2009 14:33
>> To: members@lists.oasis-open.org; tc-announce@lists.oasis-open.org
>> Cc: oasis-charter-discuss@lists.oasis-open.org
>> Subject: [members] Proposed Charter for OASIS Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP) TC
>> To OASIS Members:
>>   A draft TC charter has been submitted to establish the OASIS Key
>> Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP) Technical Committee (below). In
>> accordance with the OASIS TC Process Policy section 2.2:
>> (http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/process-2008-06-19.php#formation) the
>> proposed charter is hereby submitted for comment. The comment period shall
>> remain open until 11:45 pm ET on 26 February 2009.
>>   OASIS maintains a mailing list for the purpose of submitting comments on
>> proposed charters. Any OASIS member may post to this list by sending email
>> to:
>> mailto:oasis-charter-discuss@lists.oasis-open.org. All messages will be
>> publicly archived at:
>> http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/oasis-charter-discuss/. Members who
>> wish to receive emails must join the group by selecting "join group" on the
>> group home page:
>> http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/oasis-charter-discuss/.
>> Employees of organizational members do not require primary representative
>> approval to subscribe to the oasis-charter-discuss e-mail.
>>   A telephone conference will be held among the Convener, the OASIS TC
>> Administrator, and those proposers who wish to attend within four days of
>> the close of the comment period. The announcement and call-in information
>> will be noted on the OASIS Charter Discuss Group Calendar.
>>   We encourage member comment and ask that you note the name of the proposed
>> TC ([KMIP]) in the subject line of your email message.
>> Regards,
>> Mary
>> ---------------------------------------------------
>> Mary P McRae
>> Director, Technical Committee Administration
>> OASIS: Advancing open standards for the information society
>> email: mary.mcrae@oasis-open.org
>> web: www.oasis-open.org
>> phone: 1.603.232.9090
>> ===========
>> Proposed Charter for OASIS Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP)
>> Technical Committee
>> The name of the TC:
>> Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP) Technical Committee
>> Statement of purpose:
>> The KMIP Technical Committee will develop specification(s) for the
>> interoperability of key management services with key management clients. The
>> specifications will address anticipated customer requirements for key
>> lifecycle management (generation, refresh, distribution, tracking of use,
>> life-cycle policies including states, archive, and destruction), key
>> sharing, and long-term availability of cryptographic objects of all types
>> (public/private keys and certificates, symmetric keys, and other forms of
>> "shared secrets") and related areas.
>> Scope:
>> The initial goal is to define an interoperable protocol for standard
>> communication between key management servers, and clients and other actors
>> which can utilize these keys. Secure key management for TPMs and Storage
>> Devices will be addressed. The scope of the keys addressed is
>> enterprise-wide, including a wide range of actors: that is, machine,
>> software, or human participants exercising the protocol within the
>> framework. Actors for KMIP may include:
>> * Storage Devices
>> * Networking Devices
>> * Personal devices with embedded storage (e.g. Personal Computers, Handheld
>> Computers, Cell Phones)
>> * Users
>> * Applications
>> * Databases
>> * Operating Systems
>> * Input/Output Subsystems
>> * Management Frameworks
>> * Key Management Systems
>> * Agents
>> Out of scope areas include:
>> * Implementation specific internals of prototypes and products
>> * Multi-vendor Key Management facility mirrors or clusters
>> * Definition of an architectural design for a central enterprise key
>> management or certificate management system other than any necessary models,
>> interfaces and protocols strictly required to support interoperability
>> between Actors in the multi-vendor certificate and key management framework.
>> * Framework interfaces not dedicated to secure key and certificate
>> management
>> * Certain areas of functionality related to key management are also outside
>> the scope of this technical committee, in particular registration of
>> clients, server-to-server communication and key migration.
>> * Bindings other than tag-length-value wire protocol and XSD-based
>> encodings.
>> List of deliverables:
>> The deliverables for the KMIP Technical Committee are anticipated to include
>> the following:
>> * Revised KMIP Specification v0.98. This provides the normative expression
>> of the protocol, including objects, attributes, operations and other
>> elements. A Committee Specification is scheduled for completion within 12
>> months of the first TC meeting.
>> * Revised KMIP Usage Guide v0.98. This provides illustrative and explanatory
>> information on implementing the protocol, including authentication profiles,
>> implementation recommendations, conformance guidelines and security
>> considerations. A Committee Specification is scheduled for completion within
>> 12 months of the first TC meeting.
>> * Revised KMIP Use Cases and Test Cases v0.98. This provides sample use
>> cases for KMIP, test cases for implementing those use cases, and examples of
>> the protocol implementing those test cases. A Committee Specification is
>> scheduled for completion within 12 months of the first TC meeting.
>> * Revised KMIP Frequently Asked Questions. This document provides guidance
>> on what KMIP is, the problems it is intended to address and other frequently
>> asked questions.
>> KMIP, as defined in the above deliverables, will be scoped to include the
>> following:
>> 1) Comprehensive Key and Certificate Lifecycle Management Framework
>>   A. Lifecycle Management Framework to Include:
>>     a) Provisioning of Keys and Certificates
>>        i) Creation
>>       ii) Distribution
>>      iii) Exchange/Interchange
>>       iv) Auditing
>>     b) Reporting
>>     c) Logging (Usage tracking)
>>     d) Backup
>>     e) Restore
>>     f) Archive
>>     g) Update/Refresh
>>     h) Management of trust mechanisms between EKCLM actors only as necessary
>> to support EKCLM
>>   B. Comprehensive Key and Certificate Policy Framework to include:
>>     a) Creation
>>     b) Distribution
>>     c) Exchange/Interchange
>>     d) Auditing
>>     e) Reporting
>>     f) Logging (Usage tracking)
>>     g) Backup
>>     h) Restore
>>     i) Archive
>>     j) Update/Refresh
>>     k) Expectation of Policy Enforcement
>>        i) At endpoints
>>       ii) At Key Manager
>>      iii) At intermediaries between endpoints and Key Manager facility
>>   C. Interoperability between Machine Actors in performing all aspects of A)
>> and B), and addressing:
>>     a) pre-provisioning and late binding of keys and certificates
>>     b) support for hierarchical or delegation or direct models
>>     c) actor discovery and enrollment as necessary to support ECKLM
>>     d) key, certificate and policy migration
>>     e) audit and logging facilities
>>   D. General Capabilities may include:
>>     a) Secure and Robust Mechanisms, Techniques, Protocols and Algorithms
>>     b) Recovery capabilities, only as needed by interoperable interfaces,
>> anticipating power failure, or other common failures of automated Actors
>>     c) Forward compatibility considerations
>>     d) Interface to Identity Management facilities as necessary for A) and
>> B)
>>     e) Interface to Enterprise Directory facilities as necessary for A) and
>> B)
>> KMIP TC will also support activities to encourage adoption of KMIP. This
>> would likely include:
>> Interoperability sessions to test effectiveness of the specification
>> Reference implementations of KMIP functionality
>> IPR Mode under which the TC will operate:
>> The KMIP TC is anticipated to operate under RF on RAND.
>> Anticipated audience or users:
>> KMIP is intended for the following audiences:
>> * Architects, designers and implementers of providers and consumers of
>> enterprise key management services.
>> Language:
>> Work group business and proceedings will be conducted in English.
>> Non-normative information
>> Identification of similar or applicable work:
>> Similar work is currently underway in several other organizations:
>> * OASIS EKMI TC. We see KMIP TC as addressing a broader scope than the
>> primarily symmetric key focused EKMI, providing a more comprehensive
>> protocol in which SKSML can potentially participate.
>> * IEEE P1619.3. We see KMIP TC as addressing a broad scope than the
>> primarily storage-related P1619.3.
>> * TCG Infrastructure Working Group. We see KMIP TC as addressing a broader
>> scope than the primarily TPM-related TCG IWG.
>> * IETF Keyprov. We see KMIP TC as addressing a broader scope than the
>> primarily mobile-related IETF Keyprov.
>> Date, time, and location of the first meeting:
>> The intended date for the first meeting is April 24th 2009, to be held as a
>> Face to Face meeting in San Francisco in conjunction with the RSA
>> Conference. Exact location and logistics TBD
>> Projected on-going meeting :
>> Conference calls will be held weekly, to be sponsored by one or more of the
>> companies proposing the KMIP TC. These conference calls will be complemented
>> by the following:
>> * Face to face meetings as determined by the KMIP TC.
>> * General communication will be via email reflectors with archiving provided
>> by the KMIP TC.
>> * KMIP TC progress will be communicated via a KMIP TC web page.
>> * The KMIP TC will communicate (conference calls, joint working sessions,
>> etc.) with external groups as appropriate.
>> * The KMIP TC will communicate (conference calls, joint working sessions
>> etc.) with internal OASIS groups (other TCs) as appropriate.
>> Names, electronic mail addresses, and membership affiliations of at least
>> Minimum Membership:
>> Bob Griffin, EMC/RSA, Robert.griffin@rsa.com
>> Robert Philpott, EMC/RSA, Robert.philpott@rsa.com
>> Mark Schiller, HP, mark.schiller@hp.com
>> Jishnu Mukerji, HP, jishnu@hp.com
>> Anthony Nadalin, IBM, drsecure@us.ibm.com
>> Robert Haas, IBM, nih@zurich.ibm.com
>> Walt Hubis, LSI, walt.hubis@lsi.com
>> Jon Geater, Thales, jon@nciper.com
>> Marcus Streets, Thales, marcus.streets@thales-esecurity.com
>> Martin Skagen, Brocade, mskagen@brocade.com
>> Karla Thomas, Brocade, karlat@brocade.com
>> Subhash Sankuratripati, NetApp, Subhash@netapp.com
>> Paolo Bezoari, NetApp, Bezoari@netapp.com
>> Dave B Anderson, Seagate, dave.b.anderson@seagate.com
>> The name of the Convener who must be an Eligible Person:
>> Robert Griffin (EMC)
>> The name of the Member Section with which the TC intends to affiliate, if
>> any.
>> None.
>> List of contributions of existing technical work that the proposers
>> anticipate will be made to this TC:
>> * KMIP Specification v0.98
>> http://xml.coverpages.org/KMIP/KMIP-v0.98-final.pdf
>> * KMIP Usage Guide v0.98
>> http://xml.coverpages.org/KMIP/KMIP-UsageGuide-v0.98-final.pdf
>> * KMIP Use Cases and Test Cases v0.98
>> http://xml.coverpages.org/KMIP/KMIP-UseCases-v0.98-final.pdf
>> http://xml.coverpages.org/KMIP/KMIP-FAQ.pdf
>> Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document:
>> TBD
>> Proposed working title and acronym for the specification(s) to be developed
>> by the TC.
>> * KMIP Specification
>> * KMIP Usage Guide
>> * KMIP Use Cases and Test Cases
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>> Opt-out requests may be sent to member-services@oasis-open.org, however, all members are strongly
>> encouraged to maintain a subscription to this list.
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