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Subject: (energy-interop) comments on proposed charter

Comments on the Proposed Charter for OASIS Energy Interoperation TC

These comments more or less follow the order of the charter's text.
As such, substantive comments are mixed in with some nitpicking
about wording.  

1.  Is any form of energy other than electricity to be within
the scope of the TC?  I notice that the word electricity does
not appear anywhere in the charter, but all usages of the
word "energy" in the charter seem to imply electricity.
Would thermal energy or fuels be included in transactions?

2.  In section 1b, paragraph 1, the last sentence seems to imply 
that 'alternative energies' are 'unreliable'.  I think 'intermittant' 
would be a better word here.

3. Also in that paragraph, the statement of the problem
could mention the coming integration of the transportation
sector into the grid following the introduction of electric
cars and plug-in hybrids.  That change is expected to add
different and potentially large load profiles from what
the grid currently handles.

4.  In section 1b, paragraph 3, it says "Energy storage, 
particularly in plug-in hybrid vehicles, ...".  On the Smart 
Grid, energy storage will come in many forms, so I'm not sure why 
plug-in hybrid vehicles were singled out here.  Perhaps
change "particularly" to "for example"?

5.  In section 1b, paragraph 9, I think it would be more
accurate to say "The Technical Commitee will define
the means of interaction", rather than "define the interaction".
Users will define their own interactions using the tools
the TC provides.

6.  Also in that paragraph, I can understand why Smart
Grid is capitalized, but why are the end nodes (Homes,
Vehicles, etc.)  capitalized?  I almost expected to see
a trademark symbol next to them.

7.  Also in that paragraph, it says that the mechanisms
will meet business needs, etc., but it doesn't say they will
meet energy needs.  Wouldn't meeting energy needs be the primary
purpose of the mechanisms?  It could say both.

8.  In section 1c, paragraph 4, what purpose does the word "enterprise"
serve in the first sentence?  Consumers will be interacting, but
they are not necessarily enterprises.

9.  In section 1c, in the bullet list in paragraph 4, I would like 
to see added:

  * Support diversion to and extraction from energy storage systems.

Emerging energy storage systems will facilitate the
integration of intermittant energy sources into the Smart
Grid, and I think the charter should mention that fact.

10. In section 1d, paragraph 2, the first usage of unfamiliar
acronyms should be spelled out (UCAI, for example).

11.  In section 1d, deliverable (4), the phrase
"ISO Operator" is redundant.

12. In section 1d, are the specifications in
items 2 through 4 to be standalone specs that will be released,
or are they intended to be rolled up into item 5, which
is the release vehicle for all the specifications?

13. In section 1d, the paragraph after the list  of
deliverables says "after the first deliverable", which
isn't particularly clear when it appears after a list of
five deliverables.  Should that be "after the final deliverable"?

14. In section 1d, the second paragraph after the numbered list of
deliverables needs clarification.  The text after the semicolon 
is not a sentence, nor did it make much sense.

15. In section 1f, it seems energy producers that are not
utilities were left out of the audience list.

16. In section 1f, the last audience bullet needs
clarification. "Transmission" is not an audience, nor is

Bob Stayton
Sagehill Enterprises

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