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Subject: Re: Proposed Charter for OASIS Business Document Exchange (BusDox) TC

One of the relevant aspects in some business document exchange is when is required a third party certification of sending and delivering of documents in some moment in time, e.g. in a public tender or when you need to proof that a document has been sent and delivered or made available to the recipient and when.
This can be done in many different ways but I suggest that this TC includes recommendations on how to do this in a standardized and interoperable way.
I'm participating to an ETSI standardization work that deals with this problem and addressing gatewaying between REM (Registered Elextronic Mail, see ETSI TS 102 640) and BusDox as developed within the PEPPOL project and I propose this TC can liaise and take advantage from this work.

Best regards,
Andrea Caccia

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