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Subject: Proposed Charter for OASIS Biometric Open Protocol (BOPS) TC

I noticed that amongst the proposers of this TC the only organization that seemed to be focused on biometrics is HOYOS Labs Corp. After a little public research, I learned that on Jan 7, 2014 HOYOS Labs announced a document called Biometric Open Protocol Standard (BOPS).



The description of BOPS in the press release sounds very similar to the text of the proposed BOPS TC Charter.

The cited article above states that "The entire BOPS document is available upon request from Hoyos Labs at no cost, with a properly executed non-disclosure agreement between the party who is requesting it and Hoyos Labs. Please contact: hoyos@kcsa.com."

I sent an email to the above address on July 15, 2014 but have received no reply yet. (KCSA is apparently a marketing communications company.)

I also noted that Scott Streit, who is one of the proposers, lists his affiliation (quite correctly) as Villanova University, however he is also listed on the HOYOS Lab web site as Chief Scientist of HOYOS Labs. Also on the web site I observed a press release from Feb 13, 2014 announcing that HOYOS Labs has given Villanova University a research grant of $78,000.

The OASIS IPR Policy states: 

"Neither Contributions nor Feedback that are subject to any requirement of confidentiality may be considered in any part of the OASIS Technical Committee Process. All Contributions and Feedback will therefore be deemed to have been submitted on a non-confidential basis, notwithstanding any markings or representations to the contrary, and OASIS shall have no obligation to treat any such material as confidential."

Elsewhere it states:

"Trademarks or service marks that are not owned by OASIS shall not be used by OASIS, except as approved by the OASIS Board of Directors, to refer to work conducted at OASIS, including the use in the name of an OASIS TC, an OASIS Deliverable, or incorporated into such work."

I am not accusing anyone of acting in bad faith here. I am sure that unfamiliarity with OASIS policies is the explanation. At a minimum I would like the following.

A statement from HOYOS Labs stating that it has no IPR claim of any kind on the name "Biometric Open Protocol Standard" or "BOPS".

A statement from HOYOS Labs about whether they intend to contribute their "BOPS" document to the TC and if so, that they understand the requirements of the OASIS IPR Policy.

Finally, while it is not required by the TC Process, I would suggest in the interests of openness that Scott Streit's membership of the HOYOS Lab senior management be disclosed in the charter or somewhere else that will be easily visible to OASIS members.

Hal Lockhart

P.S. Hector Hoyos's name is misspelled in the Proposer's section, although his email address and company name (both containing Hoyos) are correct.

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