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Subject: Notes from the CTI convener call

All - 

Here are my notes from today's CTI convener call. Feel free to ask questions or suggest amendments. 

o Attending: Rich Struse, DHS (convener), Sean Barnum, Mark Davidson, John Wunder, The MITRE Corporation, Aharon Chernin, Soltra, Bret Jordan, Blue Coat Systems, Tony Rutkowski, Yaana Technologies, Mark Moss, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, Bob Griffin, EMC/RSA, Patrick Maroney, individual member, Nick Deshpande, TELUS, Chet Ensign, Robin Cover, Jamie Clark, OASIS. 

o The proposers received comments during the call for comments. We reviewed how the proposers would like to proceed. Rich noted that the comments were thoughtful and clear. He briefly reviewed the nature of the requested changes noting that nothing in the current charter precludes the TC from taken any of the types of actions described. He also noted that the charter is avoiding specific technical detail in order to allow the TC to decide how best to proceed once it is operational. Aharon and Bret concurred. Rich asked for and received consensus among the proposers on the call to leave the charter as it is. 

o Patrick asked a question about OASIS process and whether the charter will allow detailed technical specification if it is not specifically listed. Chet explained that indeed it does. So long as something is not explicitly described as out of scope, the TC can move forward on it including bringing other related work on board. 

o We reviewed the schedule going forward. In particular, a log of comments received and the proposers’ decisions on their resolution needs to be sent to oasis-charter-discuss@lists.oasis-open.org by May 15th at the latest. The call for participation will then be announced on May 20th. Chet clarified that the TC’s website and roster will be available until the call for participation goes out. That is when people can join. Chet explained that everyone must explicitly join the TC; being listed as a proposer does not automatically add you to the roster. 

o We reviewed the resources that will be available once the call for participation goes out: the TC web site and collaboration tools, the TC public web site and the TC mailing list. Chet cautioned that until the first meeting, the TC mailing list should only be used for logistics of getting the TC started, not for substantive discussion. 

o Robin went over the types of promotional initiatives OASIS will undertake once the call for participation is out. In response to a question from Rich, Robin explained that if anyone knows someone who is interested, they can send email to Carol or to join@oasis-open.org and we will be happy to follow up. ETSI's annual network security workshop, 22-24, June and the TC CYBER meeting, 25-26 June, are good opportunities to promote the TC and suggested that OASIS help find someone who could speak at those events. 

o Chet went over how OASIS will issue a press release after the TC starts. 

o Having no further questions to address, the call was adjourned. 


Chet Ensign
Director of Standards Development and TC Administration 
OASIS: Advancing open standards for the information society

Primary: +1 973-996-2298
Mobile: +1 201-341-1393 

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