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Subject: Notes from XLIFF OMOS convener call

Attending: David Filip, Dave Lewis, Yves Savourel, Patrik Mazánek, and Lucia Morado.

No comments received during call for comment period. David will send an email to the oasis-charter-discuss@ mailing list. 

David confirmed to Robin that the name of the TC and the IPR mode are set. David indicated that some other minor changes will be made to the charter. We confirmed that I need that final version of the charter by Nov. 5th. 

We reviewed the timing for the call for participation and what facilities will be available when it goes out. We confirmed that proposers will need to explicitly join the TC. 

David said that he believes he has additional co-proposers in the pipeline. He asked if they can join as proposers after the call goes out. I explained that anyone can join the TC once the call is issued but that we do not go back and edit the call for participation to add people after it is sent. 

We talked about whether or not the TC can have Git for version control in place of SVN. I said that was a possibility. 

David asked about the press release. Specifically, if they do not have 3 Sponsor members but have 2 Foundational members on the TC, can a press release be issued. I said that I would ask Carol. 


Chet Ensign
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