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Subject: Notes from OCPP convener call

Attending: Lonneke Driessen (convener), Brendan McMahon, Bill Cox, Gershon Janssen, Pierre Sacre, Brett Hauser, Dee Schur (OASIS), Robin Cover (OASIS), Chet Ensign (OASIS)

We discussed the next steps needed to address comments received during the call for comment period. Lonneke asked about comments received off the oasis-charter-discuss@ list. We agreed that one comment would be skipped (dealing w/ patents), questions from ABB and Google would be included. 

Lonneke asked who approves the comment list. I replied that it is fine to include the broader list but agreement is only required for the TC co-proposers. Lonneke will prepare and circulate a draft comment log using the template I provided. 

Discussed specific comments and possible replies. Bill will coordinate with Lonneke on wording.  

Bill noted that the co-proposer for Greenlots will change. 

We reviewed the TC launch time line. Comment resolution log and final draft of charter must be supplied by July 24th. We agreed on a first meeting as a conference call on September 7th to get past the August holidays in Europe. 

Lonneke asked about whether people had to be OASIS members to join the TC. Chet explained that yes, they must first join OASIS in order to get their login credentials. However, he also noted that the key thing that has to happen is the signing of the OASIS Membership Agreement. Once a company has signed the MA, we will get their people on board and work with them on timing of payment. 

We reviewed the facilities that will be set up at the time of the Call for Participation. Call for Participation will be sent out July 26th unless the co-proposers request a 10 day extension. Lonneke said that won't be necessary. 

Chet noted that, before the first meeting, the email should only be used for planning logistics, introductions and the like. No work and in particular no Contributions can happen before the first meeting. 

Dee discussed steps being taken for promotion and recruitment. The work has attracted a lot of attention already. Brett asked if there is any way to coordinate with the group who is on the list in order to take advantage of the groups' contacts. Bill asked about a Google doc that had been tracking contacts. Robin said that he would check with Carol on whether that is still usable.

Lonneke asked about roles in the TC once formed. Chet explained that only Chair and Secretary are defined. Others are up to the TC. He agreed that getting volunteers lined up early helps get the TC off to a good start. Recommended that she present the slide at the first meeting.  

Chet said that Carol will work with Members after the first meeting on a press release. 

Apparently there were problems with the calendar invitation going out and getting the slides attachments. Chet will also use Google calendar in the future to ensure that all interested parties get the event onto their calendars. 

Our thanks to all who attended the call. 


== Chat log ==
anonymous morphed into Brendan McMahon
William Cox: Hi, Brendan - meeting starts in 18 minutes (late rescheduling)
William Cox: Did you get the Ireland dialin number?
Chet: Hi Bill - I sent Brendan 539 0320 as Freeconferencecall.com said that was the "in country format"
Chet: Convener call agenda:
Chet: Roll call 
Member Comment Review
TC Launch Timeline
TC Resources
Next Steps
anonymous morphed into Gershon Janssen
Brendan McMahon: Hi folks - I sotred out the number issue - thanks.
anonymous111 asked for a victim, I choose... Gershon Janssen
anonymous111111 asks: null
Magic 8-Ball says: Yes - definitely
anonymous2111 asked for a victim, I choose... anonymous111
anonymous2111111 asks: null
Magic 8-Ball says: Better not tell you now
anonymous morphed into lonneke
William Cox: For the proposers and convener I just emailed some thoughts on addressing the comments in the charter update.
lonneke: I just mailed information about countries that have downloaded OCPP and a proposal from the OCA board regarding roles
Chet: Received those Lonneke. Thank you.
Chet: Lonneke, are you having any difficulty dialing in?
lonneke: the dutch number seems to be a mobile number (starts with a 6). Could you check that please chet?
Chet: Yes, let me check.
Gershon Janssen: Hi Lonneke. I'm using the +316... number too and works fine for me...
Gershon Janssen: It looks like a mobile phone number, though, is part of the freeconferencecall.com infrastructure.
Gershon Janssen: +31635205016
Chet: I checked and it shows the in country format as 06 35205016
Chet: Attending: Lonneke, Brendan, Bill, Gershon, Dee, Robin
Chet: Member comment review
William Cox: OK, but I assume this type of information interchange is already
happening. Yes? That is between "Charge Point Owners" and "Central
Management System Suppliers."
Chet: Consensus that the IPR comment will not be included in the log, questions from Google and ABB will be
Chet: Lonneke to circulate draft log to mailing list - Chet: the co-proposers need to be agreed on the final resolution
William Cox: Consider whether we'd like to say "Central Management System Providers" rather than "suppliers"
Chet: Discussion of Bill's feedback on the 2 posted questions from Duruseau and Malhotra
William Cox: The exchanges are made typically by OCPP (in various versions) and some proprietary implementations. We expect to consolidate use of OCPP in this role.
William Cox: I think we need to talk about "Owner" as the hosting entity, and "Vendor" could be assumed to be "manufacturer or integrator".
William Cox: central systems, charge point, back offices, charge point management systems. I would prefer to keep with terminology focusing on the class of equipment/logical entity communicated with rather than the commercial organizations.
William Cox: (Brendan above)
William Cox: Brendan: confusion, or false implication that the same legal entity may or might be the provider of both ends of the conversation - really only an unimportant subcase, not important for interopability which this is all about.
William Cox: L: Bill update - keep as is, look for inconsistencies.
Chet: There'll be a different co-proposer from Greenlots
William Cox: L: Comment - US charging outlets initial members? Surprised focus on US - global standard, global SDO.
William Cox: L: information we have - can download proto, don't know who implements which versions. In the small business, downloaded 5000 times over past few months, 78 countries. Hugely significant. Include in this answer - most widely known and used protocol.
William Cox: (in charter revision?)
William Cox: Chet: Next slide shows the TC launch timeline.
William Cox: Charter 27 June. Started 29th comment, ended July 12. Convener call today.
William Cox: Chet: need comment log and final draft charter no later than July 24th unless you request a 10 day extension. Final charter from that date can only add last minute co-proposers until the instant of the CFP sending.
William Cox: Charter you submit will be used to create the TC charter page.
William Cox: CFP latest July 26 (unless extension).
William Cox: 30 days after the original submission.
William Cox: First meeting date min 45 days after CFP; teleconference first meeting min 30 days. If out on July 26 set the earliest date.
William Cox: L: agree with bill on timelines - send CFP on the date, won't need the extensions. Agree on answers - bill will do last changes to charter. Select F2F after initial meeting (perhaps).
William Cox: Chet: Given submission June 27, earliest date teleconference is August26.
Chet: Better to have the first meeting in Sept. since August is a holdiay month. Bill suggests Sept. 7th
anonymous111 asked for a victim, I choose... Chet
anonymous111111 asks: null
Magic 8-Ball says: Most likely
William Cox: Insert date into charter relevant section.
William Cox: Chet: resources - document repository, etc in place.
William Cox: Chet: up to first meeting email list only for logistics for the first meeting - no work can start, or contribution of content until first meeting held and Chair(s) elected.
William Cox: Chet will remind us all..
Robin: Call for Participation Chet says will be sent on July 26
William Cox: 10 days before - call for Chair nominations
anonymous morphed into Pierre Sacre
Robin: Join the TC by August 30/31, 2016 [verify higher math] in order to qualify for getting Voting Rights as of the date of the first meeting
William Cox: L: in our case almost every company that wants to join is not yet an OASIS member. In parallel or first OASIS membership and then apply for TC ?
William Cox: Chet: Correct - first join, then allows people to get OASIS login IDs and credentials and nominate.
William Cox: Dee - if particular folks, send her an email.
William Cox: B: comment responses plus wording on other standards activities will be in draft update I will prepare.
William Cox: Chet: next slide. Comment list, TC list. Comment list turned on after the first meeting. At TC request can set up a wiki, a jira and version control system (SVN or GitHub for TCs). Can set up on request after first meeting. Only when TCs request.
William Cox: Dee: Promotion and recruitment. Robin did a fair amount of research; first mailing to members and non-members regarding call for comments. Some nice feedback. Another outreach before the CFP. If you have people to specifically reach out to - grateful and it helps the TC.
William Cox: Have a lot of traction; already joined. ESB, EvBox, Elaad, OCA, a whole list that have expressed interest.
William Cox: Brett: Expressed interest - want some help. We all have relationships.
William Cox: Dee: send list heard back from; Robin: a bit careful - some don't want that as company secret at this time. If have permission and ack - to staff, outside.
William Cox: B: spreadsheet dead? R: not updated or edited for a while. See whether worth maintaining? ACTION ROBIN
William Cox: Press release after first meeting. Rest of slides gone over.
William Cox: L: roles -
William Cox: Chet: only thing that TC process requires is you elect your chair. Only formal roles are Chair and Secretary.
William Cox: Maintain calendar, publicly visible pages. From experience, talking early about who will be your editors and other roles - if TC wants discussions and to get people signed up immediately - the sooner you can make those assignments the better. Takes a while to ramp up.
William Cox: B: recommend an OCA discussion in July after the CFP goes out.
William Cox: Chet will send out notes.
William Cox: Adjourned 11:55am EDT


Chet Ensign
Director of Standards Development and TC Administration 
OASIS: Advancing open standards for the information society

Primary: +1 973-996-2298
Mobile: +1 201-341-1393 

Attachment: OCPP-convener-call-07-14-16.pptx
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