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Subject: Minutes from TAC TC convener call

- Attending: Ryan Hohimer, Jane Ginn, Bret Jordan, Gershon Janssen, Carol Geyer, Dee Schur, Chet Ensign

- Jason corrected my rendering of the name: it is Threat Actor Context TC

- Regarding their experience with the call for comment using a Google Doc, Ryan explained that the feedback was very useful. The process of addressing proposals and handling comments was logistically challenging. Some direction or proposed procedures to follow would be helpful. Also, the comment resolution log spread sheet was not the best tool.

- AI to Chet: review how GD handles revision history; prepare some suggested procedures for handling feedback in the future.

- The content of the Google Doc is ready for use for the call for participation. Ryan will send the comment log to the oasis-charter-discuss@ mailing list.

- We reviewed the timeline to the first call. Chet clarified for Jane that subcommittees can be set up at any time; the TC doesn't have to approve them at the first meeting.

- Dee went over outreach and promotion. Ryan, Jane, and Bret had suggestions on who might be interested in the work.

- Ryan asked if there is information available to help him get up to speed on OASIS tools. Dee offered to do her training session at his convenience. Chet to send out the list of useful links.

- No other business raised. Meeting adjourned.Â

Chet Ensign
Chief Technical Community Steward
OASIS: Advancing open source & open standards for the information society

Mobile: +1 201-341-1393Â

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