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Subject: This TC Workspace and email list is migrating

Please note the new TC Platform Migration Schedule. There will be a few days of system downtime as we migrate 20+ years of member created content into a new reliable platform which may impact your TC work schedule over the NEXT 2 WEEKS.

Here's the schedule:

20 - 24 February - TC pages and email lists will be offline. Any effort to get to a TC page will meet a splash page blocking further access. Email messages sent to any email list will receive an auto reply with advice on when and how to send your message to the new system.

If your committee will meet 20-24 February you'll need to prepare:

- Make sure you have the meeting link, zoom link, teleconference details, etc

- Download all relevant documents ahead of timeÂ

When the system comes back online all legacy document, page, ballot URLs will redirect to the new location which you'll want to bookmark.

The email archives (700k messages) will backfill into the new system over the next few days. when that is complete, any old mail archive URLs will redirect to the new location

This transition will provide significant improvements and will change how you interact with your committees and mail lists. See below for more information about the changes, the transition schedule and what you can do to help.

Changes to Expect

The new platform combines all the workspace tools youâre using now, but in a modern web environment with a number of new features to improve both your platform user experience and ability to engage with the OASIS community. Key features include:

The Transition Schedule

Starting 20 February, there will necessarily be several days of system downtime. During the downtime you will not have access to your membersâ-only web pages or mail lists. The Project admin team will be working with you to ensure no ballots or key milestones will be impacted.Â

ÂPublic resources in key resources - i.e. the published standards on docs.oasis-open.org will remain available.Â

In the next few weeks we will be presenting the new platform and providing training for committee chairs and others who wish to be involved.

When the new system is live, you will want to update your bookmarks and email addresses for this workgroup

Thanks for your patience waiting for this upgrade and during the transition!




Chief Operating Officer



+1 781-929-7308 Mobile

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