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Subject: XML - What, How, Why?

I presented yesterday to my local State voting group 
technical committee.  20+ people, all had heard of 
XML and knew that it was angle-brackets like HTML,
but had little idea beyond that what the mission and
purpose of XML is.

I'd like to suggest that this is something OASIS as
a whole needs to do more about!  I think we have 
gotten complacent and just assume everyone knows.

Reality check - if my group is a representative sample,
we still have a huge amount of work to do in education
at a base level inside our own industry - let alone outside!

I'd suggest OASIS looks at creating a couple of one or 
two page documents for the OASIS front page and
that we have two prominent buttons with "Who are we?"
"What does XML do?" - to help get the message across
at least at our own front door!

The "Who are we?" needs to emphasize the role and 
membership and charter - too many people have a
bad to iffy impression of what OASIS is and how it
fits into the big picture of standards work internationally
and who its members are. A simple diagram or two
would help here.

Then here's a stab at some bullet points for the later 
summary on XML (below).

I'd hate to have to form a committee to do this - hopefully
someone has something that can be purposed here to
rapidly close this gap for us?

Cheers, DW

OASIS and XML - the What, Why and How?


o document content styling, presentation, markup, storage
o information transaction exchange formats and validation
o transfer communication protocol mechanisms
o process scripting and control
o knowledge representation and semantics
o modelling, graphics and maps representation


o create interoperability, consistency and certification
o reduce costs by providing proven and tried solutions
o improve access, collaboration and sharing
o foster open marketplaces within industry sectors


o open public specifications, tools and techniques
o domain experts collaborate to create solutions
o open international membership, low barriers for participation
o solutions providers implement products and services
o outreach, demonstrations, feedback, engagement.

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