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Subject: [Artifact Identification Requirements] where to put RDDL documents?

Section 6.1 of draft 15 outlines the use of namespace declarations that
use a URL that resolves to a RDDL document. Lines 521-522 state:

All such OASIS-defined http scheme namespaces MUST resolve to an OASIS
server, in particular oasis-open.org.

I think we need to work out some of the details on where this RDDL
document should live in HTTP space. For example I wouldn't want a
reference that looked like:


I *would* like a reference that looked like:


In other words, I think the RDDL documents that serve as the resolution
points for XML namespace declarations should be treated as
near-permanent (like the charter of a TC) and avoid the use of
parameters etc. Obviously this is going to require co-ordination with
the people that run the OASIS website.

The other issue is that there needs to be more detail about which of the
metadata components should be used in the construction of this URL. I
winged it above and used [product] -[schemaVersion] -[artifactType]
.html, but it should really be spelled out.

Gilbert Pilz
Sr. Principal Technologist
Office of the CTO
BEA Systems, Inc.

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