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Subject: RE: [oasis-member-discuss] Comments on Artifact ID requirements

     Drummond, as discussed previously, we are interested in finding ways 
to consume methods from OASIS TCs (such as XRI) in our own metadata and 
publishing practices.  Your suggestion for a chat with the interested TC 
proponents is helpful, and we will pursue it with you further off-line
     Peter, your broader question was about the proposed Artifact ID 
requirements, and how comments are being integrated or disposed.   Our 
Technical Advisory Board took these comments back into its work process, 
and is revising the draft.  I believe they're bringing out an updated draft 
shortly, through Bill Cox's subcommittee, and we will make sure that the 
outcome gets posted back here as well.  Regards  Jamie

At 06:54 PM 8/31/2005, Drummond Reed wrote:
>Jamie, Mary, Bill: just let myself, Gabe, and Dave McAlpin know when you 
>would like to have this call. The XRI TC is already engaging with two 
>other standards groups (Core Identifier Workgroup at Open Group and the 
>Network Applications Consortium) about their use of XRIs for interoperable 
>resource and metadata identification, so we may be able to reuse some of 
>that work here.
>Drummond Reed
>Co-Chair, OASIS XRI & XDI TCs

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