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Subject: [oasis-member-discuss] Review of OASIS ASIS metadata

Here are my comments on

I have one concern related to section 8.3.  The WS-Notification TC places
its schema and wsdl documents directly under the TC point in the URI
hierarchy (as recognised in 7.2 footnote 2), and we put the actual
documents in the corresponding place in the TC tree.. e.g.
http://docs.oasis-open.org/wsn/b-2.xsd. I would like to continue this
practice, so as not to disrupt implementations. I assume that the ASIS
document won't forbid this (though it would require the documents to be
placed under product as well). Am I right to make this conclusion?

Other document consistency/clarification comments

1. Copyright statements and footer date are still 2005
2. Line 230 Artifact Identifier is a Metadata definition, so should be in
3.2 not 3.1
3. Line 234 This line defines the term "Artifact Name", but this term is
not used elsewhere. What is this for? [This was issue 17 against the AIR
document and doesn't seem to have been resolved]
4. Line 297 There is still confusion about whether the letter v appears in
a ProductVersion value [This was issue 20 against the AIR document]. The
resolution to issue 20 said that there was no v, but line 297 and 730 (app
B) state that there is. Line 366 implies there isn't
5. Line 317 The TC definedName isn't really metadata (it's something that
be used as the value for Artifact Identifier) so it should be in 3.1 not
6. Line 334. The thing called TC Short Name here and in following sections
seems to be called Owner in Appendix D. It seems to me that Owner is a
better name for the concept.
7. Line 361. Not clear whether this version of the short name is supposed
to have the hyphens eliminated or not.
8. Line 366. The format of productVersion doesn't match 297/730. There's
the v question I mentioned earlier, but also line 366 seems to suggest
there can be at most one period. It also seems to suggest that you have
leading 0s, e.g. 01.03
9. Line 382. Is Form required or not? This line says it is, but it doesn't
appear in the table at line 350 and it is not listed as required in
Appendix C.
10. Line 496. The example shows tcShortName, not
product/productVersion/stage. It looks like a cut/paste error (or have I
misunderstood this?)
11. Line 500 Do WSDL and XSD documents count as "XML filetypes"? I assume
they do?
12. Line 483 says OASISdefinedName SHOULD be used, but then 488 says that
the "TC has a great deal of flexibility in assigning names" - these seem to
be a bit in conflict. I like the flexibility, so how about combining them
to say "The TC has a great deal of flexibility in assigning names, but the
use of OASISdefinedNames is RECOMMENDED"
13. Line 734. Section 3.2 lists some other ArtefactTypes. I know that
neither list is complete, but they should at least match
14. Table in App C. The "In Artifact Identifier" col should be called "In
OasisdefinedName". Also I did not understand the meaning of the "In OASIS
standard" column
15. Line 768. This has a * footnote which doesn't seem to correspond to
anything in the table

Peter Niblett
IBM Senior Technical Staff Member

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