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Subject: WS-Context and WS-TX ballots



As the co-chair of both the WS-TX (transactions) and WS-CAF (context) TCs, I’d like to call your attention to two of ballots closing this week:


   WS-Transaction 1.1 OASIS Standard ballot



   WS-Context 1.0 OASIS Standard ballot



At this point, WS-TX needs 3 votes and WS-Context needs 11 to gain adoption as OASIS standards.  Both specs have been through exhaustive debate by active TCs and multiple drafts have been produced and carefully reviewed.  Everything has been done by the book according to the OASIS process.


Discussion: What is the best way to ensure specifications like these get the votes they need?  


Are emails like this the best way?  Or perhaps direct emails to the voting members of the 330 member companies?


Many times the members of the TCs are not the same as the voting members, and in that case communication, sometimes detailed, may be necessary within a company (the larger the company perhaps the greater the challenge) to ensure the voting rep is appropriately informed.  In other cases it may be enough to use informal networks, in which TC members email folks they know directly and encourage them to vote.  And perhaps it’s possible to barter – I know that I have been approached more or less in that capacity, and anticipating these ballots, did my best to comply.


I know that there’s a lot going on at OASIS right now, but I am sure I speak for my co-chairs and all the WS-CAF and WS-TX TC members, current and former, when I say that we greatly appreciate your attention to this.




Eric Newcomer

CTO, IONA Technologies



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