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Subject: Re: [members] Request for feedback: Proposed procedure for handling public review comments


Couple of TCs I'm involved with use JIRA successfully.

That way there is a process to getting things into JIRA - so the "thrash" is filtered out - and substantive issues and comments tracked and 
their formal outcomes clear - resolved / pending / postponed

Plus whatever format is submitted - email, doc or spreadsheet - ends up cut and paste into one or more JIRA entries - that the technical
editors then manage - really helps track changes.

And also it has a public trail that is and visible - and you can include notes with links in schema or XML annotations as needed - and 
you can send links out for folks - so they can review and followup.

And you can create a report of JIRA activity on a release.


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Executive summary:

We need to get better consistency in how TCs track and report comments received during public reviews. Today, TCs have no clear direction or expectations from OASIS on how this is to be done. As a result, each TC arrives at their their own solution and candidly, some do not bother to track or report comments at all. 

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