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Subject: Re: [members] Request for feedback: Proposed procedure for handling public review comments

>> I also didn't get my own email. Glad you caught it from the archives. << 

I followed up with IT - *now* I find out that you actually have to join the OASIS Member Discuss Kavi group to be subscribed and receive the email. That's annoying - wish I'd know that before I started the discussion. I'll be sending a note to let people know... 

>> As I guessed, you do have specific problems that you're looking to address. Easier for folks like myself, new to the discussion, to see those stated when roping us in. << 

I will try to be more clear on subsequent communications. Good point. 

>> "happy". The chairs do a lot of work for which they get minimal reward/recognition, and this is likely to fall into their lap. I'm not even a chair, and this concerns me, given how hard I've seen the chairs work. <<

Yes, I thought about perhaps using a different word. What I meant was that my experience over the past year and a half is that if I do what I can to make it easier for the TCs to do things a specific way, I've found that they'll do it that way. "Easier" being the key. I know that the Chairs - and others on the TCs are doing a lot of work already. 

>> That would have been useful to state in your problem statement (absent time in resources to invest in a more automated solution..., the interim solution is to...) << 

Thanks - I will fit that in in the future messages. 

>> State the points at which the TC's performance will be monitored/measured. State the expected output documents (and formats). Offer a descriptive example or two of how the TC might meet both of those. Let TCs experiment "how" to deliver. <<

That's a good starting point - thanks. 


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