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Subject: Feedback on Bylaws and Process changes

Bylaws Feedback:
I agree with the other commenter, it would be good if the purpose of OASIS remained in the ByLaw. The other element that is fundamentally missing from the ByLaws is a clause on accountability for Board Members. There needs to be some basic language added to the bylaws. Maybe something like:

1) A yearly report of board member attendance must be sent to the members prior to the elections
2) If a board member does not attend a certain percentage of the meetings of the board and sub committees to which they are assigned (board members must be assigned to at least 1 sub committee) then they become ineligible to re-run for election.
3) It would be good if the yearly report highlighted how each board member voted on the various major topics.

As members of a member run organization, it would be helpful if the membership had better visibility into what board members are doing or not doing. We elect board members to represent us and do good work for OASIS and we should have visibility into that and there should be overall accountability.Â

TC Process Changes Feedback:
Given that the proposal removes the concept of a "working draft", we really should remove the requirement to have a ballot on a CSD. Since the CSDs are really just internal TC documents and not for external consumption, we should get rid of this extra layer of unneeded busywork. Large TCs that are very active tend to suffer from Ballot fatigue, that is from ballots that are really not even necessary.

So I would propose that a TC can release the CSDs whenever they want and as frequently as they want. Then the ballot to approve it is done at the CS level. If you look at a TC that produces say 6 CSDs for a single CS and given that ballots need to be open really for 2 weeks so every TC member around the world has time to review, then for a standard release there is about 12 weeks or 3 months of dead time in a TC due to ballots. This is just a waste.

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