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Subject: Misleading section titles

Sections 3.2 (OAXAL within a Localization-only Workflow) and 3.3 (OAXAL
Alternative Translation-only Workflow) have misleading titles.
Localization and Translation are not the same thing, but the tasks
described in both sections try to achieve the same goal.

The main difference between section 3.2 and 3.3 is that one process
requires the use of xml:tm and the other doesn’t. This is what the
section titles should mention.

The list of steps included in section 3 is incomplete. It doesn’t
mention that In-Context matching and fuzzy matching can be achieved
simply comparing current XLIFF document with the previously translated

Step 5 in section 3.2 seems to imply that only by using xml:tm one can
achieve “higher quality of translation-memory matching” but that’s not
true. There are several techniques (like leveraging in-context and
fuzzy matches from previously translated XLIFF files or by storing
context information in TM databases) that provide similar or even
better matching.

Best regards,
Rodolfo M. Raya
Rodolfo M. Raya <rmraya@maxprograms.com>

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