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Subject: Groups - TC Teleconference modified

TC Teleconference has been modified by Bryan Schnabel*

Date:  Wednesday, 30 July 2008
Time:  11:00am - 12:00pm ET

Event Description:
Call in info:
(616) 347-8400
The participant code is: 244352

1. Approve minutes of the inaugural meeting
2. Add SVG and other possible candidates to OAXAL
3. Discuss the OAXAL article
4. Look at exactly what will be delivered.
5. Any other business.

1)  Roll Call

        Andrzej Zydron (chair)
        JoAnn Hackos
        Rodolfo Raya
        Doug Domeny
        Bobby Liao
        Bryan Schnabel

        * Bobby will become voting member after 2nd 
          meeting (this meeting)

        Peter Reynolds

2) Accept Minutes from previous business meeting

    Accepted by acclamation. Proposed by  Bryan Schnabel, 
    JoAnn Hackos seconded.

3) Andrzej Zydron proposed that the TC reviews the XML 
   vocabularies mentioned in the charter and formalizes the other main Open Standard XML types such as SVG, DocBook, XHTML, DITA, ODF. It was decided that the vocabularies mentioned would be included in a reworded version of the charter which would be submitted to Mary McRae for an official vote once it had been agreed by the committee. JoAnn effected the changes to the charter in the OAXAL wiki.

The motion to submit the as recorded in the Wiki to OASIS was proposed by JoAnn Hackos and seconded by Bobby Liao. The motion was carried unanimously.

ACTION: AZ to submit the proposed changes to Mary McRae.

4) JoAnn Hackos and Rodolfo Raya asked that a link was made in the main OAXAL public page to the seminal OAXAL article in XML.com, as well as the new article for the launch of the OAXAL TC once it is published.

ACTION: AZ and RR to create the links

5) AZ Thanked the TC members for their review and proposed changes to the new OAXAL article. This will be published in the CIDM Review as well as Client Side News, Globalization Insider as well as possibly the XML Journal. Once published AZ will inform Carol Geyer who will handle the press release for the formation of the OAXAL TC. AZ was also asked to upload the article to the OAXAL TC documents area.

ACTION: AZ to inform Carol when the articel is published.

6) AZ proposed that the initial draft format of the OAXAL document will be based on the SOA document.

ACTION: AZ to review the SOA documentation and make recommendations regarding the draft OAXAL document.

7) AOB: The DITA/XLIFF round tripping Webinar was discussed. AZ and Dan Dube will demo in the second session in September.

ACTION: AZ to submit bio and picture to JoAnn

8) AOB: Bryan mentioned that the presentation he will give at SVG 2008 (http://svgopen.org/2008/index.php) features many topics common with OAXAL, and asked if TC members would be interested in giving his paper a look

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SUMMARY:TC Teleconference
DESCRIPTION:Call in info:\n(616) 347-8400\nThe participant code is:
  244352\n\nGroup: OASIS Open Architecture for XML Authoring and
  Localization Reference Model (OAXAL) TC\nCreator: Bryan Schnabel*

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