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Subject: SVG 2008 Paper incorporates some OAXAL topics


As I mentioned at the last meeting, since the paper I wrote for the SVG Open 2008 presentation covers many of the standards we care about in OAXAL, I thought I'd see if any of the TC members wanted to review it (you can download it here:  http://www.xmarker.com/documents/SVG-paper.pdf ).  I need to submit the final paper by August 6, or so.  I'd appreciate any suggestions or thoughts (I'm cc'ing Christian as well, in case he has interest).

This looks like it will be a pretty good conference if you like SVG (http://svgopen.org/2008/index.php).  If many of us will be around Nuremberg August 26 to 28, we might have a TC onsite meeting.



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