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Subject: Re: [oaxal-comment] Errors in standard localization process

Hi Rodolfo,

Thank you again for your comments. I would like to direct you again to 
the text in the reference architecture just before section 2.1:

OAXAL allows for some variation in how the standards are used and 
integrated. OAXAL variants may not use all of the standards enumerated 

There is no compulsion to use all of the enumerated standards, 
nevertheless the reference architecture document must provide the 
description of the possible interaction of all of the standards listed, 
otherwise it would not make sense. It is not the role of the reference 
architecture to enumerate all possible variations. Specific 
recommendations may be included in a subsequent 'best practices' document.

Rodolfo M. Raya wrote:
> The description of the standard localization process included in
> section 3.3 of the latest draft says:
>   "1.Using the W3C ITS Document Rules, extract the text into XLIFF
>    format and create a skeleton file with placeholders for the
>    translated text."
> It is not required to use ITS rules for extracting text from XML
> documents. In fact, ITS is seldom used by existing localization tools. 
> It is not required to create skeletons when translating XML content.
> For example, the open source project XLIFF RoundTrip Tool generates
> XLIFF 1.2 from XML files without using skeletons.
> The process description also says:
>   "3.Match the segmented XLIFF sentences by using traditional database
>    matching. If previous versions of the XLIFF source and target
>    documents exist, then these can be used to provide in-context exact
>    matching as well as other types on document centric matching such as
>    leveraged and fuzzy matching."
> There is no such thing as "previous versions of the XLIFF source and
> target documents". There could be translated XLIFF files generated from
> previous versions of the source XML document.
You are correct. The text should state previous translated XLIFF document.

Best Regards and thank you again for your comments,


> Regards,
> Rodolfo

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