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obix-mktg message

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Subject: oBIX Marketing

I would like to arrange a conference call for the marketing group, I propose Thursday July 15th at 11:00 Central time.
Proposed agenda:
- Now that we are settling into OASIS, what should we focus on
- Specific initiatives, campaigns, events, etc.
- Web site plans
- Resources for marketing activities
- Other issues
Let me know if you can make it.
PS: I'll also try and figure out the OASIS web system and try to use it.

From: Anto Budiardjo - Clasma Inc. - Dallas, TX
Mail antob@clasma.com - Phone: +1(817)946-3162 - Fax: +1(972)714-0509

Make plans for BuilConn/M2M Europe - Brussels - October 26-28 2004
BuilConn 2004              Clasma, Inc.


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