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Subject: Use Cases from Last Spring's Transition Team

Use Cases

1.      A tenant entering a lobby door after hours uses a card reader or keypad to gain access. Simultaneously, the HVAC starts and lighting turns on in the tenant's space so the tenant is safe and comfortable when entering their space. The building manager receives the necessary information to bill the tenant for use of the environmental systems from the time they walk in the door until they later leave the building.

2.      A new employee is enrolled by human resources and a photo badge is printed. Simultaneously, that badge is activated as a credential in the access control system and parameters for when and where they can go are downloaded into controllers and readers.

3.      An "after hours" security console provides graphical information of alarms for security and HVAC for emergency response at a multi-building office campus.

4.      Dorm residents leave for the summer. Their card credentials are disabled - but not deleted - until they re-enroll for the fall semester. Student Housing, Administration, and Security all save many keystrokes.

5.      The provosts office sets up class schedules and space assignments and the building automation systems automatically schedule the appropriate spaces for occupancy

6.      A research building occupant can access real-time energy use data to take advantage of time-of-day energy rates when running major pieces of equipment

7.      A secretary in a conference facility can have a desktop application the enables room scheduling and setpoint control for the entire conference facility without any interaction with Building Automation System staff

8.      A professor in the School of Business can assign undergraduate research that easily makes use of near real-time data from energy producing and consuming equipment to develop business models

9.      Load profile modeling can provide decision support for configuration and operation of energy producing utilities such as cogeneration and chilled water distribution systems

10.  Hourly electric rate structures analyzed in conjunction with weather models and load profiles enable optimization of combined cycle cogeneration plants and thermal storage systems

11.  HVAC analytical programs that rely on historical data for trend analysis and comparison with design models support maintenance and renewal and replacement programs and allows HVAC system optimization using rules-based analysis

12.  Construction documents generated using XML and SVG are able to become part of the real-time BAS operator interface after project completion

13.  GIS utility maps make use of real-time metering data to identify possible utility delivery problems before customers are impacted

14.  Utility billing systems are able to make use of multiple rate structures to allow customers to choose which best suits their operation without additional staff requirements since historical metering data can be automatically integrated into the bill

15.  IAQ information (both historical and real time) can be accessed directly by Environment Health and Safety to support healthy buildings and identify unhealthy ones-without the support of BAS staff

16.  A maintenance management system that interacts with a building control system can perform predictive maintenance and support run time maintenance models for complex systems-generating work requests that are based on real time information. If this same system is able to interact with central stores and procurement, it can also ensure parts and tools required for scheduled maintenance are available



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