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Subject: Use Cases 0.1

Title: Use Cases 0.1

I have attempted to mine the use cases from the various messages that have gone by over the last few weeks.



Please review to make sure any of your proposed use cases have made it in.  If you have Microsoft Office, feel free to edit the document and send it to me.  That is probably the easiest way to add use cases. 

Do we need more use cases, and do we need to refine what we have (discard some use cases, comment on others)?

The document we have is pretty coarse now.  Is a prerequisite to creating decent requirements to have the use cases organized and commented on, or can we just start writing requirements and use our judgement?

I think a lot of the use-cases and requirements may be solved outside of OBIX-specific technology, if it were clear.  OBIX might largely comprise a profile of related standards and the current work of the XML-committee.

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