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Subject: oBIX - ready for next step

It is time, and past time for the wider oBIX group to meet again. The failure to meet recently must be laid at my feet, due to some health/rehab issues that have led me to drop many issues (Don’t ask – not because I am sensitive, or shy about them – on the contrary I will happily tell you *all* about it and there will go the rest of your day)


Fortunately, the XML committee has been hard at work, and the XML standard, half-baked when last the larger group peaked into the oven, now looks and smells ready to pull out and consume.


This means that we must meet to discuss variety of issues and timelines, most importantly:


1)      Possible timelines for completing the work

2)      Deadlines (linked with (1) for each organization with a member receiving this email to read and comment on draft

3)      Plans for this year’s Face-2-Face meeting

4)      Plans for the work to interact with other OASIS standards


The XML committee meets on the Wednesday, 22nd of February 14, 2006 at 3:00 EST to discuss the draft. I wish to set up a Teleconference that will count as a membership meeting, with all the consequences of not attending in accord with the OASIS rules, between the end of that meeting and the end of the week.


If you have strong feelings about the time, please email them to me before I post a poll in which you can vote for the preferred meeting time.


If you have not read the latest work, please do.






Toby Considine

Co-Chair, oBIX

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