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Subject: RE: [obix-xml] Groups - Notes_20040623.pdf uploaded

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I know it's premature to go into a detailed discussion about how to fix the problems I noticed with the current spec for the DiscoveryNode, but I wanted to at least list them so that we can discuss them later.
In bullet # 7 in the Discussion section of the 20040623 meeting notes (on the impact of large numbers of services): we should also mention the unnecessarily large effort placed on oBIX servers.  That is, when there are a large number of services, an oBIX Server would be required to: (a) figure out all the services that support a given node, and (b) generate and transmit a large discovery response.  Almost all of that effort would, in general, be wasted because I suspect that most oBIX clients would be interested in only a relative handful of the services listed (probably just one).

So, the current DiscoveryNode schema (with embedded service ids) presents several problems:
  1. It forces an oBIX server to do a lot of unnecessary work in order to respond to a discovery request.
  2. It forces an oBIX client to do a lot of unnecessary work in order to handle a discovery response.
  3. It forces the transmission of unnecessarily large pieces of data, hogging up bandwidth for clients and especially servers.
  4. It presents an inherent versioning problem as more services are added -- especially as proprietary services are added, since perhaps only some oBIX servers should even know about them.
  5. It presents ambiguous results.  If a service id field (say, "fooId") is missing from a response DiscoveryNode, it might be caused by any of the following:
The solution of adding a "filter" to the discovery request (e.g., a list of the desired services) is good, but only solves problems 1 to 3.
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The document Notes_20040623.pdf has been submitted by Aaron Hansen (ahansen@tridium.com) to the oBIX XML Standards SC document repository.

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