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Subject: RE: [obix-xml] Power Systems Group

Unless I misunderstand I don't see where any of those requirements
require anything other than the standard oBIX SysService or HistoryService.  
They all seem to cleanly fall into the model of standard point and 
trend access.  That is consistent with my experience that the energy 
domain doesn't require any new concepts (unlike say scheduling or access 

1) request_load - read of a specific object or objects

2) request_loadprofile - read of specific history or histories

3) request_energy - read of specific history, perhaps with totalization function applied

4) request_peak_energy - same as above with peak function applied

5) request_event_log - query of history trend and/or alarms

6) set_location_map - write of specific object or objects

Most of the meta-data to discovery "energy" data will probably be automatic via the 
standard units field.  Although further work might raise some new meta-data/discovery
use cases. 


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From: Aaron Hansen 
Sent: Wednesday, December 15, 2004 12:11 PM
To: obix-xml@lists.oasis-open.org
Cc: RichardCHarwell@eaton.com
Subject: [obix-xml] Power Systems Group

The power systems group has built a service description for exchanging info with energy mgmt systems.

They would like us to review and comment on the next steps to implementation in a way consistent with our services.

At this point, I think they'll be of more use to us than the reverse.  Having their service in mind should help us with issues such as the ext element.  Would it be best for them to build their ideal schema/wsdl and the two of us adapt to each other? 

Take a look and we'll discuss at the next telecon (which at this point won't be until next year).  If the link doesn't work, their doc is available from the umbrella oBIX TC document section.


On a slightly related note:
Some think of us as the HVAC group and that we should also be developing higher level functions similiar to these.  My/our plate is full, is anyone willing to head up an HVAC sig for this purpose?


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