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Subject: Pushing to the wider community

Hope you had a great holiday and I wish you all the best for 2005.
The break has allowed me to think further about relationships with other parts of the WS universe.  It occurs to me that many other 'things' other than buildings will need to be interrogated in our automated, 'always on' world.  Indeed this is a great part of M2M which envisages remote interrogation and control of all kinds of devices (residential heating systems, parking meters, utility sub-stations, navigation buoys, bore-hole sensors etc). 
We have produced a very versatile 'core' service within oBIX: notably the datapoint read/write service.  Because it is based on the SI units it should have very wide applicability.  We could abstract it out and present it to OASIS as the univeral DataPointAccessML (which is more or less the current Sys service).  Other groups and industries could then incorporate in into their own telemetry schema with the advantage that central monitoring services could then work across a very wide range of industries and applications.  Our own oBIX could then be 'constructed' out of a series of MLs.  For example
oBIX = DataPointAccessML + DataPointHistoryML + ScheduleML + AlarmML + xxxControlML
xxx can be defined for each area of our domain (HVAC, Power, Energy, Access, Security, CCTV etc)
We are in fact probably at version 0.95 of DataPointML.  My suggestion is that we should separate it from the rest, get it to version 1.0 and establish it as a stand-alone entity. We can then take it to other standards groups and companies as a basis for their work.  If it is adopted this will immensely strengthen our position 'politically' and give us a very firm foundation on which to add the other parts of the oBIX structure over time.  This should also allow us a good PR win. Also by defining DataPointML now gives a relatively easy goal to hit for a plug-fest at BuilConn.

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