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Subject: oBIX Java Toolkit v0.12.0 posted

I posted v0.12.0 of the oBIX Java Toolkit to SourceForge:


This brings the open source toolkit up to the latest version of the spec
and sports a new alarm console which works off an

I also did a lot of work on how to map arbitrary contract lists into
strongly typed Java classes.  In the end I do what I always do when I
find the Java language too limiting - I assemble classes on the fly.
This turns out to be a pretty cool feature because you can mix and match
contracts on the fly and still get nice Java interface wrappers:

  Obj obj = ObixDecoder.fromString("<enum is='obix:Point
  verify(obj instanceof obix.Enum);
  verify(obj instanceof obix.contracts.Point);
  verify(obj instanceof obix.contracts.History);                        

Take a look at index.html for more details.

Change Log Version 0.12.0 (1 Jun 06)
 - Support for latest 0.12 object model (feeds)
 - ObixSession support for batch requests
 - Obixc generates only interfaces with contract fields
 - Dynamic class generation for contract mapping
 - obix.ui.View support for watches (with automatic cleanup)
 - AlarmConsoleView on obix:AlarmSubject

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