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Subject: RE: [obix-xml] TimeZone issues

To be clear on #3, I think the server timezone IS the correct default.  As originally stated in my earlier mail, it would have been the recipient tz that would be used which doesn’t make any sense at all.  Client to server data times would have been interpreted as server tz and server to client times would have been interpreted as client tz.  That would be chaos.


So I restate my position as the server time zone should be the default if no tz is specified.  This gives me my ability to specify “8:00am on the server” without having to know the tz of the server and to send the same message to multiple servers in different time zones without having to adjust the tz information for each one.




From: Brian Frank [mailto:bfrank@tridium.com]
Sent: Tuesday, November 13, 2007 3:49 PM
To: obix-xml@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: RE: [obix-xml] TimeZone issues


1) I think I prefer “tz” myself


2) I definitely lean toward city name only - it is trivial to populate a lookup hashmap with the city name once you have the database of zones.  And I personally find it much nicer to use the city name only:


  val=”2007-11-13T15:45:00-05:00” tz=”New_York”

  val=”2007-11-13T15:45:00-05:00” tz=”America/New_York”


3) I think you are suggesting that the client timezone be the default?  That doesn’t make sense to me – if anything I would think the default would always be the server’s timezone.  But then again I’m thinking about oBIX in general where most times are associated with things like histories and alarms (not necessarily traditional meeting scheduling).


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