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Subject: Re: [obix-xml] Meeting to discuss latest work on oBIX scheduling

I'd be interested in a meeting on this topic next week, but I don't know what "the traditional Wednesday slot" is...

I didn't see any emails or meeting notices after Richards' email was sent.

By way of introduction, I just joined the group, largely because of my interest in eCommerce, buildings, and energy, and specifically this subcommittee because I'm interested in using the iCalendar format here and in other standards work that needs XML.


bill cox

Richards, Dave wrote:
530D814CA877134987D5272AB845371401FE22C7@TWCUSMS1249.am.corp.priv" type="cite">

It looks like there is critical mass for a meeting.  Have people reviewed Aaron’s document sufficiently to try and meet this week, or do we want to wait until the traditional Wednesday slot, which will put the meeting a week out.


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William Cox
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