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Subject: Proposed organization of OASIS oBIX TC

Voting in an OASIS TC is based on meeting participation and I think that
there are some groups that will need to particpate intensively "off-line" as
it were to not throw off the results.  This suggests that we need to form
several subcomittees  to give these groups permission to work. I suggest

-Data Structures and Messages [The former Technical Committee - what to call
now that we are ALL a TC] 
-Tenants, Integrators and Owners (Prioritization, Use Cases, etc)
-Implementations and Applications (Use Guidelines such as when oBIX vs
BACnet ML when any SOAP vs a control protocol?)

A number of Vertical Controls Industry SIGS/SWAT Teams

Each subcomittee would have its own forum, its own mailing list, its own
archives.  Members of the other subs could choose their level of
participation with a particular sub (Let me see proposed Standards for vote
only, observer, full participant) and be able to browse the archives of a
subcomittee Documents, Listserver history, etc.)

Under this framework, oBIX might meet, say, once a month to discuss reports
from the subcomittees, and these would be the meetings that count for votes,
etc.  Data Structures could meet weekly to push through their tasks.  TI&O
could meet intensively for a couple months and then back off.

I think this will expand membership the membership pool by letting more
people be full participants in the right area rather than drving off all but
the hard core in one area.

The exact implimentation of this and a charter for each sub are the proper
business of the first meeting.

I must remind everyone that while all OASIS meetings are open, with open
minutes and discussions, that particpation in subcommittees is open only to
members of the committee. To be members of the committee from day 1, you
must have signed up with OASIS and have indicated an interest in the oBIX TC
15 days before the first meeting. Any who join after that are probationary
for a period.

While OASIS voting is one per organization, participation in comittees is
based on individuals.  We need all the indivuals who will be on the
subcomittees to speak up and join.  (If My Controls company gets an OASIS
membership, anyone with an email address @MyControls.com is covered by that
membership, but they still must sign up as an individual!)

If you are getting this as a current propsed member of OBIX, but someone
else in your company is going to be on the subcommittees, you need to get
them signed on today, and indicating an interest in the oBIX TC

"It is one thing to show a man that he is in an 
error, and another to put him in possession of 
truth." --John Locke
Toby Considine               | Phone (919)962-9073
Facilities Services          | Fax (919)962-1102
University of North Carolina | 
Chapel Hill, NC       | toby.considine@fac.unc.edu

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