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Subject: FW: Strategic Analysis of the North American Web Accessible Control Systems Market

 Good find by Rob


-----Original Message-----
From: Rob Zivney [mailto:robz@hirschelectronics.com] 
Sent: Monday, June 28, 2004 10:10 PM
To: Considine, Toby (Facilities Technology Office)
Subject: FW: Strategic Analysis of the North American Web Accessible Control
Systems Market

It looks like Frost and Sullivan have found a way to put a label on one
approach to what we are about, and then sell research on the subject.
Some of our members may be interested.


-----Original Message-----
From: dchandramouli@frost.com [mailto:dchandramouli@frost.com]
Sent: Monday, June 28, 2004 2:48 AM
To: Rob Zivney
Cc: James_Politis@frost.com
Subject: Strategic Analysis of the North American Web Accessible Control
Systems Market

Dear Mr. Zivney,

"Revolutionary  advancements in technology, in conjunction with convergence
of information technology and building automation controls, are catapulting
Web  accessible  control  systems to a significant position in the world of
building  automation systems," states Frost & Sullivan's Strategic Analysis
of the North American Web Accessible Control Systems (WACS) Market.

The  WACS market is growing at a steady pace with manufacturers and service
providers  trying  to  outperform  competition  on  the  basis  of superior
technological   capabilities.   Two-way   remote   data  communication
modulating  control  devices  and  adaptive  technologies  are  some of the
emerging  technological breakthroughs in the market. Internet usage growing
at  over  50  percent  per  annum  and  the falling prices of bandwidth are
further supporting the WACS technology.

A glimpse of what this research offers you:

- Analysis of the building controls network
- Overview of the power of internet and technological advances
- Ethernet networking strategies
- WACS: Opportunities, challenges, and strategies
- WACS Security: issues and concerns
- The WACS Infrastructure: A market segment analysis
- Econometrics

A brief snapshot of the current trends in the Web accessible control systems

-  Zero  administrative  clients  increase  acceptance  of  WACS  among IT
personnel inducing growth
-  Convergence  of IT and BAS enabling Web services induces progression for
-  Lack  of trained system technicians slows installations and service call

This   research  is  an  integral  part  of  Frost  &  Sullivan's
Technologies  growth partnership service that monitors the functional areas
of  building  automation and controls, security and access control, heating
and  air-conditioning,  lighting  control,  refrigeration  and ventilation
markets  by  tracking  and  analyzing developments and trends that directly
influence your products and services.

If  you  are  interested in knowing more about our research or in acquiring
access  to  this  service,  please  e-mail me at dchandramouli@frost.com or
alternatively,  contact  James  Politis,  your  Account  Manager at Frost &
Sullivan, at jpolitis@frost.com.

Thanks and regards,

Deepa Chandramouli
Account Management Team
Frost & Sullivan
Email: dchandramouli@frost.com
Web: www.frost.com
"Working with clients to create value through innovative growth strategies"

Frost  &  Sullivan  is  an international growth consulting company offering
services  such  as consulting, research publications, online subscriptions,
Executive   Summits,  Country  Industry  Forecasts,  and  decision

This mail is part of our personalized e-Marketing effort to send information
directly from our marketing department. It does not supersede your ongoing
communication with our Account Executive.

FN:Rob Zivney
ORG:Hirsch Electronics Corporation
TITLE:VP Marketing
TEL;WORK;VOICE:+1 (949) 250-8888
ADR;WORK;ENCODING=QUOTED-PRINTABLE:;;1900 Carnegie Ave=0D=0ABldg B;Santa Ana;CA;92705;United States of America
LABEL;WORK;ENCODING=QUOTED-PRINTABLE:1900 Carnegie Ave=0D=0ABldg B=0D=0ASanta Ana, CA 92705=0D=0AUnited States of=

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