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Subject: Meeting Cancellation, Organizational Matters, and use the Boards

I have just cancelled this Tuesday's regular meeting of the ful oBIX tc becuase there is no way I can chair it this week.  I will be in Washington waving the oBIX flag in front of an APPA conference.  

Besides, I haven't even been able to produce minutes of the last meeting yet.

Two pressing and very interesting itesm are delayed by this cancellation.

1) Rob Zivney's report from SIA. I hope he will post it soon to give everyone access to this information in the short term.

2) The report from GridWise.  I am personally very excited about this.  In my mind, oBIX defines the platform and domain specific language (DSL) upon which a GridWise app can be written.  

On a more mundane level, I have had meetings with IAI and the US FMOC this last week.  I learned some interesting stuff about MIMOSA which I am still trying to digest, but urge anyone who is not aware of MIMOSA to check out (www.mimosa.org).  

I also learned that the US General Services Agency (GSA), the largest landlord in the US other than the Department of Defense, has mandated that all Design and Construction submittals will be exclusively in AECXML as of the first day of Fiscal 06.  I am not sure what this means to oBIX, but it means something.

I am hoping that I can find some more tenant involvement form members of the FMOC, but we shall see.

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