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Subject: Groups - Monthly meeting of oBIX modified

Monthly meeting of oBIX has been modified by Toby Considine (toby.considine@fac.unc.edu).

Date:  Tuesday, 23 November 2004
Time:  01:30pm - 02:30pm Eastern Time

Event Description:
(919) 962-2719

Note change in time

1) Roll Call

2) General Comments, Status

3) Power SIG: Rich Harwell

4) Security Open Standards, DHS, SIA, etc: Rob Zivney

5) XML Technical SC: Aaron Hansen

6) Marketting Plan and Call for Action: Anto Budiardjo

7) Next Meeting

Discussion will also allow for general advice input to XML committe as the move into fleshing out schema issues following the important milepost of 0.5.  If you haven't read 0.5, go to their XML comittee and read it!


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