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Subject: Fitting oBIX into management frameworks

Reading standards specs for agregational standards is a lot of fun and all but sometimes it is hard to wrap your mind (or my mind anyway) around things without a good example.
SCRM is Standard Collaboration and networked Resource Management and is a framework for the management of resources used in a network or individually. The most of the resources are closely tied to the DTMF-type resources.
Winston Bumpus, Director of Systems Management Architecture and Standards for Dell, has put together a wicki tied to the sourceforge project for *that* committee which does a good job of explaining the terminology of WSDM by illustrating how his resources become managed resources under the framework.
I believe a future version of oBIX will fit the model in a similar way, with each building system fitting into the resource framework.
check it out!
Toby Considine

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