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Subject: RE: [obix] Important: New draft and possible Public Review for oBIX

Toby...great to hear of your strong participation in oBIX.  We also would like to ensure that if there are any articles...we would be pleased to share them with CABA, through the CABA eBulletin. Secondly, could Paul, you or your designate take a look at the update and profile on the CABA web site for oBIX ( http://www.caba.org/standard/obix.html ) The last update and profile amendment was provided in March/2005.
Also, with your permission, we will circulate some of this information to the CABA Standards Cttee so that it provides some information on the oBIX work.
Finally, is there any way of getting a listing of which companies are participating in OBIX?
Thanks and keep up the excellent work!

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From: Considine, Toby (Facilities Technology Office) [mailto:Toby.Considine@unc.edu]
Sent: Saturday, April 22, 2006 9:11 AM
To: oBIX@lists.oasis-open.org
Cc: Dee Schur; carol.geyer@oasis-open.org
Subject: [obix] Important: New draft and possible Public Review for oBIX

A new draft, the oddly numbered v0.11 has been posted by Bran Franks. Early reads from the XML committee suggest that they think this might be the one we take to formal public review.
Public review includes a 60 day freeze on changes, so if you have been just dying to make a suggestion, but didn't have time, please make it now. Download it. Read it. Consider whether you would willing/able to implements it. If not, why not, and submit it.
Absent some surprising changes, we will be discussing this draft at the Face2-to-Face on May 3rd at the close of the Niagara Summit (http://www.niagarasummit.com/).  Following that meeting, we will, if there are no surprises, there will be a formal vote on releasing this for Public review. This is an important meeting, please schedule to be there, is person or telephonically. The call-in information will be posted before then.
(Meeting Organizers: Contact Co-Chair Paul Ehrlich for any changes/releases, etc. Starting Monday, I am going cold-turkey on the internet and telephone for the first time in a decade as I am out of the country. It will be early May before I respond to anything)
On May 9-12 I will be at the Oasis conference in San Francisco, where I hope to be sharing the public review document and selling a few more eyeballs on giving us comments. Please let me know if you will be there.
The following week,  we will have a public Face-2-Face at at BuilConn/Gridwise/M2M (http://www.builconn.com) on May 16th where I hope we can have a walk-though of the spec for non-members (any volunteers?). There will also be an XML scrum there where various individuals will demonstrate XML-based interactions between their systems. Interested participants to be should contact Tim Huneycutt. oBIX is already well represented in the participants.
With this flurry of activity, it would be a good time for you to publish that article that you've been just dying to write, whether on AutomatedBuildings.com, or elsewhere. Please remember, if you are representing any official oBIX or Oasis news, you should share the article with OASIS Director of Communications Carol Geyer (carol.geyer@oasis-open.org) both pre-publication, to make sure that what you are saying does not violate any OASIS policies or standards, and post-publication, to make sure the article gets proper publicity. Carol's suggestions have proved most helpful and her turn-around very fast,  so do not let this hinder you from writing.
Later in the Summer, as we are coming to the end of the Public Review, Paul Ehrlich has been working on a series of public discussions surrounding "Real Estate Week" in Dallas, June 24-27. This run of collocated events includes RealComm / BOMA / CABA Intelligent Building Leadership Forum.    http://www.realcomm.com/  http://www.caba.org/leadersforum/ This is exciting as it will be the first real customer-oriented forum for oBIX. We are looking at a possible public demonstration (or OASIS Interop) as part of the CABA or RealComm program.  We would use this as a point to showcase progress and pick up press coverage. Again, if you can help, or want to participate, contact Paul (paul@buildingintelligencegroup.com)

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