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Subject: RE: FW: oBIX IP vote...

     Good, thanks.  Forwarding this to tc-admin@oasis-open.org so that it's 
time-stamped for purposes of our administration and turnaround.  Toby, I 
still want to get together with you by phone, as we discussed this morning, 
and go through the web-based TC roster interface together to assure that 
it's current.  Regards JBC

~   James Bryce Clark
~   Director, Standards Development, OASIS
~   jamie.clark@oasis-open.org

At 07:08 AM 5/24/2006, Considine, Toby \(Facilities Technology Office\) wrote:
>Good - then under the TC Process, and using only voting members, the TC, 
>with a quorum of voting members, and with no abstentions or dissensions, 
>has approved a transition of the IP of the oBIX TC to RF under RAND on 
>Tuesday May 16 and is submitting a Transition Request to operate under
>the RF under RAND.
>Please initiate an OASIS IP Transition Approval ballot for oBIX.
>Toby Considine
>oBIX Co-Chair

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