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Subject: Groups - oBIX Status, and a Look Forward added

We always seem to get the most done in the Spring, so now it is time to
begin thinking again about oBIX, and some unfinished business, and how we
keep the ball rolling while we wait the final companies willing to certify
an implementation.

In my day job, I expect to have 75 buildings running on oBIX by the time we
meet. This makes it an appropriate time to discuss more public presence,
and how to make oBIX and its functions more visible to the Enterprise,  and
Brian has even consented to give us a glimpse of his thoughts on v2.

 -- Toby Considine

oBIX Status, and a Look Forward has been added by Toby Considine

Date:  Tuesday, 13 March 2007
Time:  All Day

Event Description:
919-962-2719 no PIN needed

Proposed Agenda: 
5 Minutes Roll Call, etc

5 Minutes: Status, Updates, Comments from Chairs

Action Items:

5 Minutes: Update of Web Presence
-	Discussion of Content for Committee Home Page (public)

5 Minutes: Getting additional members to certify implementation.

New Business

5 Minutes: OASIS Member Section
-	Now that we have an OASIS committee specification, we are eligible to create a member section of we want. An example of member section is http://www.uddi.org/. If there is interest, this would allow us to develop a whole range of information to help folks understand the standard. We need volunteers to time and content to this effort.

20 Minutes: Whats Next (Brian Frank)
-	Brian will share his vision of what will be in oBIX 2.0

5 Minutes: (OASIS Staff) Annual Symposium


5 Minutes: Alliances and Allied Spaces:
-	Open Geospatial Consortium
-	GridWise

5 Minutes: Summary and Action Items 


View event details:

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SUMMARY:oBIX Status, and a Look Forward
DESCRIPTION:919-962-2719 no PIN needed\n\nGroup: OASIS Open Building Information
  Exchange (oBIX) TC\nCreator: Toby Considine

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