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Subject: FW: Notes and background stuff

I have tried, I have pushed them around, but I have not been able to do better than Bob Smith’s unfiltered notes from the meeting 3 weeks ago.






"You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep spring from coming."
-Pablo Neruda.

Toby Considine

Facilities Technology Office
University of North Carolina
Chapel Hill, NC


Email: Toby.Considine@ unc.edu
Phone: (919)962-9073




From: Bob Smith [mailto:bob@1talltrees.com]
Sent: Thursday, April 05, 2007 2:25 PM
To: Considine, Toby (Technology Services)
Subject: Notes and background stuff


Hi Toby,


My notes (that were just jotted down on paper as I was listening to the fast paced discussions) are presented below.


Several graphics were shown on the website, plus I did a bit of exploring deeper into what these NBIMS folk have been doing. Screen shots of both are attached as oBIX_NBIMS_Notes*.doc.


Maybe a phone call could clarify any difference between what you heard and what I was able to capture informally.


Also, I logged onto the Chat Log towards the very end, but I wonder if you could obtain a copy form the organizers it would be helpful. (Attached as 2007-03-26*.rtf)





714 536 1084




Candidate oBIX_ Concepts


Game Changing Visions

n      New Rules

n      New Goals

n      New Processes


Sweet Spots/Low Hanging Fruit

Coordination BETWEEN Systems

n      Orchestration

n      Choreography

n      KM Coordination


Abstract Interfaces with Accountability (Without letting the congractors get off the hook)


OSCRE Open Standards Consortium for Real Estate


Open Standards means that everybody can get together and decide what they need; Contribute not Complain


GBXML John Kennedy- IFC backfill; Figure out the Business Model


Unify IDM (Is the Use Case)


Various Levels: User—Technical—


What does  Building an IDM Mean?


Best Entry Port is NBIMS Vs 1 part 1


Homework Assignment: How to define an IDM


The IDM Process,


High ---- low levels of granularity




IFC published as RDF?  Greg Ceton knows about this..?


1st Responders need this the most


Andy Fuhrman, OmniClass used inside the building

16 Taxonomic Dimensions


How does the EM-TC sensors relate to Buildings

And engines to deliver information

XML + Model views coming out of NBIMS



As an Ontology for oBIX

Energy Models

Need a Proof of Concept


Deke’s Test




Don’t want to just sell a specific vendor’s product like AutoCad


The Entities, and the Property Sets


Use Case Based Analysis of Ontologies


Can I prototype (and play with) the Norway developed Building & Services Model??


Express Format (Which vendors are applying?)


Vendor’s Strategy  for investing in IFC


Express- ISO IFC Certification


Facility Operators


The Capital Facilities Industry


ICAL Attachements


Understanding Objects IAI (International Alliance for Interoperability)


Info Delivery Models


The Disconnects between NBIMS and oBIX so far:

Focus on the stuff to be Consumed by Machines

Focus on the stuff to be Consumed by People





What the OASIS Emergency Management Technial Committee is working on related to Sensors and Alerting systems


7 Sensor enabled specs for Alert, Notification Events, etc.


Harmonize these with IEEE


Interfaces between the Energy Models and the Packages


Shared Terminology: Definitions; Data about Space and Metadata about Space


IFC Implementor’s guide


International Framework for Dictionary and Translators for different domains


Object Models


Constructor’s GUID as Naming System, URL  IFC Model


Project Unique GUID


Building Automation Systems, which Live on the Web, means…


Can exchange XML files;


Business Process, Software


Have a Librarian who can recognize and harmonize ISO Standards


The IF Dictionary: Taxonomy for Doors, Alarms,

The 163 page document


NBIMS 3 Levels of Standards:


1)      Reference Standards

a.       IFC International Foundation Class

b.      IFD

c.       IDM I


2)      Normative Standards (What is in use today and how it maps to Reference Standards)


3)      Implementaton Standards (What to exchange under what conditions)




The Package Models missing HVAC


NBIMS- Deke Smith, Army Research Labs, Deputy CIO, Sensors and Spatial analysis

Server room sensors: What is happening? Where is it happening? What else is happening nearby? Are there patterns that we can query?


Green Washing Capital Facilities Projects??


Too concrete for Enterprise Integrators??


Turnkey Cars vs Buildings?


IDM Information Delivery Model Exchange: Does the NBIMS STORE have usable products at this time?


Billy Steers,


List of Systems, Inventory Control Systems




A Natural Place to Begin


Top 4:

1 Inventory

2 Comparison

3 oBIX Properties Needed

4 Getting the Info from Contractor


National Building Standards...(??)




2007-03-26 11.45 ChatLog.rtf

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