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Subject: oBIX 2.0 Technical Committee

Title: oBIX 2.0 Technical Committee

One of the primary goals for the next version of oBIX is to define an ontology for modeling facilities and equipment which can serve as the common layer for vertical domain ontologies.  To give an example it is useful to have a common definition for a building's logical spaces (such as rooms).  In the HVAC domain a space might mean a VAV zone; in the security domain it might mean a secure zone with specific entry doors; in the lighting domain it might reflect zones controlled by scenes or switches.

It is a bit ambitious to tackle the full ontologies in these vertical domains, but it is important that we understand their requirements before defining the common layer.  To that effect, it is desirable to recruit a broad spectrum of experts from different verticals for the next oBIX technical committee:

 - Building automation (probably covered here)
 - Security (knowledge of access control, cameras/video, DVR, SIA)
 - Energy (knowledge of meters, rates, distributed power)
 - Lighting
 - Industrial (knowledge of discrete, process, batch, CFR-21, ISA-95, ISA-88)
 - Fire and life safety
 - Construction/architecture (knowledge of physical models, IFC, CAD systems)

One of my goals is to reuse and glue together work done in existing standards organizations.  So understanding what standards are available and potentially recruiting liaisons is important too.


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