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Subject: FW: oBIX Member Registration for ConnectivityWeek

Title: Re: Member Registration for ConnectivityWeek





From: Tish Smith [mailto:tish@clasma.com]
Sent: Thursday, April 16, 2009 12:25 PM
To: Considine, Toby (Campus Services IT)
Subject: oBIX Member Registration for ConnectivityWeek


Hi Toby, 

Will you please forward this information to the person responsible for communication with oBIX members?
We have created a unique discount code for oBIX members to receive a 10% discount off registration for ConnectivityWeek. Please provide your members with the code: OBIX09.

This code is applicable by using the Member Registration link here:

This link is also available from the main ConnectivityWeek registration web page.  
 April 26 is the deadline for the early registration rates.  Please forward to members prior to the deadline so they may take advantage of the early rates.  Normal rates apply after April 26. Late rates apply after May 24th.

Please contact me if you would like assistance or if you have any questions. 
Please note: Board Members are to use Discounted Registration, as additional discounts apply.
I will email this link shortly.  Also, you have a comp pass for your registration and should use the Sponsor/Partner Registration.
Thank you!
Kind Regards,

Tish Smith - Clasma Events Inc.
Email: tish@clasma.com • Skype: tish.smith
Phone: +1(972)865-2233

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