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Subject: FW: minutes from B2G call

I thought these comments were particularly pertinent to current work in oBIX




"If something is not worth doing, it`s not worth doing well" - Peter Drucker

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From: b2g_interop@nist.gov [mailto:b2g_interop@nist.gov] On Behalf Of Shidan Gouran
Sent: Thursday, December 10, 2009 7:19 PM
To: Multiple recipients of list
Subject: Re: minutes from B2G call


Hi, just wanted to add some opinions and comments since I had to leave the call early today.

With regards to 6LoWPAN and 6LoWAPP. 6LoWAPP and its associated protocol “CoAp” is essentially ZigBee over IP. One constraint the 6LoWAPP WG is considering are networks with 500+ nodes and although there will be a significant sector where maybe 200 nodes will be the norm (PG&E' s architecture is a good example as one application protocol for both the HAN and the NAN), its by no means a universal model and, in fact, if we are considering just the HAN 6LoWPAN is more than capable of handling HTTP, WS, SIP and XMPP. Many people, including myself, think that the idea of CoGIIs as discussed by the 6LoWAPP group is very much needed as an interface from CoAp to ATOM, WS, SIP, XMPP, etc..

With regards to the third party access and privacy conversations, I really believe that an interface has to be defined for full third party energy management and consumer facing applications, whether its a service provider or facilities manager makes no difference. OASIS is a great starting point for this and I personally think that privacy should be something that should be opened to the service provider or utility, but as long as it's initiated and controlled by the consumer at a granular level, I don't think this would go against HIIPA. If this group can take leadership to explore this, I think it would be great. Someone also mentioned the privacy report from Ontario, a shameless plug here, the Ontario Privacy Commissioners office and one of the authors of that report will be present at our conference in Miami: http://http://smart-grid.tmcnet.com/conference/east-10/. There are many people from this list I would love to have participate with us so if your schedule is free and any of the panels interest you please send me a note.

With regards to ATOM, I fully agree that it makes sense in the building. Just to add to this and in case it wasn't already mentioned today, the various “real time web” patterns like PubHubSub and two way Atom protocols like FeedSync would be particularly good here. Another note, most of these real time web extensions are modeling themselves after XMPP and SIP. I'm a member of the SIPForums Smart Grid Special interest group, one thing we have identified is that openADR is a very nice fit for SIP and for the third party energy management, here is a white paper on it:


My knowledge of BACNET, oBIX and related WS protocols is very limited and I would like to understand what areas, if any, SIP can be of benefit in this arena, hopefully like openADR oBIX and the services are not necessarily tied to SOAP or anything else in particular. Right now anything that involves ATOM and the “real time web” or that can benefit from an event bus can be potentially a great fit for real time communications protocols like XMPP and SIP (SIP being a service discovery protocol as well). I'm looking forward to speaking to some of you to gain some knowledge in this area.




On Thu, Dec 10, 2009 at 4:46 PM, Holmberg, David <david.holmberg@nist.gov> wrote:

B2G all,


Here are my  notes from the call today on the discussion of questions sent from SBC Japan. Comments welcome.


For our Japanese colleagues—please review the notes and see if they answer some of your questions, and please feel free to ask for clarification. There are also questions in the notes for you as some use cases were not clear that would influence the answers.


Thank you,



David Holmberg

NIST Building and Fire Research Lab



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